Why should you buy Indian Art?

Purchase decisions are not easy to make. Even when we buy a toothbrush, we do check multiple brands to choose which one is more appropriate. Now imagine, what if you want to buy an artwork, how choosy are you going to be? Your answer might not surprise me because I know how hard it is to select some painting or sculpture for purchase purpose.

An art lover has an eye for exquisiteness and is quite precise in his/her preferences. Being an art aficionado, you don’t want to purchase an art piece that you can hardly connect with.

This is a big decision and I am going to give you one astonishing advice to ease your efforts. My recommendation is that you go for Indian paintings.

India, a thousand-year-old nation as per written records and otherwise, a million-year-old country holds a rich assortment of culture and art. Hinduism is the prominent cult in India, which is one of the big four religions of the world. Despite the humungous number of followers, Hinduism is a quite tolerant and liberal religion.

Owing to the swayable nature of Hinduism, art was, is and will continue to play a crucial role in this nation.

Indian Art

Starting from the cave art dated back to 5000 years ago to the vibrant Mughal paintings of the 17th century to the riveting modern pieces by V.S.Gaitonde, Indian art has travelled a long road. If you are seeking a diversified artwork that not only represents the past but also showcases the rich cultural attributes, buy Indian art.

Indian art has a wide range that includes Traditional pieces, Mughal & British reign works, modern artworks, and today’s impeccable contemporary paintings.

If you are seeking something of historical relevance, a number of Mughal paintings and mural paintings are available from the 16th century. For people who want to keep a memento of ancient India, look for artworks like Madhubani paintings. These artworks have an enticing backstory that relates them to the time epoch of Ramayana, the well-known Hindu religious tale of Vishnu’s avatar Ram.

Otherwise, if you love the modernism movement, look for the works of Raja Ravi Varma, Abindranath Tagore, S.H. Raza, M.F. Husain, Tyeb Mehta, etc. In the illustrious Christie’s auction in 2015, an untitled painting of Indian art V.S. Gaitonde was sold for $ 4 million dollars. Along with this, artists like Husain, Raza, Mehta, and others have also joined the million dollar club.

So, it’s not like Indian paintings are not in demand. They are, and people love them.

Some compelling reasons to buy Indian art

The gripping backstory

Every Indian painting has a riveting story associated along with it. If you are getting a traditional artwork of Goddess Durga, you are reminded of the valour and ferocious nature she holds for the evil. Paintings of religious events take you back to the glorious times while the landscape pieces recall the euphoric beauty that our agriculture land possesses.

The vast and rich subject matter base

You got to admit that Indian art is quite vast in terms of themes and styles. Every state has its own story of how art got there and possesses some trademark painting form representing the heritage.

With hundreds of themes, Indian art looks like a treasure box for you to choose any painting that captivates your interest. You not only get more alternatives but also get open to more number of creative ideas.

Make an impressive collection or an art gallery

People who look to make an alluring collection, choose any of the Indian art forms. You can create a superb collection of just Modern paintings, making it rich in value.

Or, if you want to collect only religious paintings, there are pretty good numbers of deities whose artworks you can collect.

If your pockets are full, opening an art gallery that only exhibits Indian paintings won’t be a bad idea. After all, the extensity of Indian art will offer you more than enough painters and artworks to handle. Indian people are quite deep-rooted associated with the values and culture of their religion. If you can set up an art gallery where only traditional and ancient art pieces are showcased, you know there are many people who will spend anything to get hands on those paintings.

Indian paintings represent home

You may be sitting in New York, London, Tokyo, Madrid, etc but if you are having an Indian artwork in front of you; let’s say a contemporary painting of Krishna, it does remind you of your home, the place where you were born or raised up, the people you grew up with, the family you left for work, and so many other things.

A lot of people purchase artworks for investment, but Indian paintings have some magic and ecstasy that binds you with them and reminds you of home, wherever you are.

Easy Accessibility

Want to buy Indian art? Look for numerous online art galleries, shops, and websites. A lot of online art galleries have emerged in the last decade. You can go through the aesthetic Indian paintings on any online art gallery, right now on your phone. It’s that easy.

I hope I was able to convince you fully or partially to purchase Indian art. As you can see, the perks are just amazing. Share your thoughts. Thanks!

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