Why Dubstep Is The Best Pre-Workout Music

Interested in finding the perfect music for your pre-workout motivation? One unlikely sound that holds a lot of potential is Dubstep. Having been around for more than 2 decades but only more recently hitting commercial success, Dubstep provides a unique sounds that is a powerful force when you are in the gym. Below we go into the reasons why Dubstep is the best pre-workout music to listen to.

The Origin Of The Sound

Dubstep has an excellent origin that makes it perfect for workout music. Beginning in the 1980’s through the Jamaican Sound System party scene, Dubstep came to be as dance music. As such, it is inherently high energy and motivating. Keeping you on your feet and moving, it is an excellent way to remain focused just before and throughout a workout. Whereas Dubstep originated a bit darker in sound, it has lightened up, making it perfect for when you are in the gym and need a powerful beat to provide you with motivation.

The Sounds

Bar none, the reason why Dubstep is the best workout music has to do with the overall composition of sound. Dubstep incorporates sparse, syncopated drum and percussion patterns. This sets the framework for a powerful beat that will keep you going through even the most challenging workouts. Added to this framework are base lines and sub bass frequencies that keep you moving. Simplistic at first, Dubstep gives you plenty to pay attention to you as you workout. However you will need a sound system or fitness headset / headphone that has enough base to emphasis the essence of Dubstep. If you don’t have one already, buy one of these quality fitness headphones:

Similar Music Types To Explore

Looking to expand beyond Dubstep? One reason why Dubstep is the best workout music is that it continues to change and evolve over time, offering you something new every year. Over the past two decades, a number of derivative forms have come into existence thanks to Dubstep. Borrowing from the Dubstep sound, they offer different takes that may be perfect for your workout music. Some derivative forms that you should consider exploring include future garage, post Dubstep, brostep, trap, metalstep, orchestral Dubstep, chillstep, and melodic Dubstep.


Last but not least, Dubstep offers a pretty amazing selection of sounds for you to choose from. For example, there are musicians who focus more on light and playful elements while others specialize in darker more brooding pieces. Providing you with the power to tweak your music selection for optimal motivation and enjoyment, Dubstep is definitely worth checking out the next time you put together a gym playlist.

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