What kind of castor you should choose?

Starting its journey from the roads, castors have now made their ways into the homes, hospitals, theatres, shopping malls, warehouses, offices. It is an indispensable part of point of sales material of a shop. Point of sale display which is mounted on the castor is the popular form of promotion and signage for a retailer. But then, the size and the material of the castor vary as per the application or usage. There is no simple formula for determining the type of castor you need. A lot many considerations are there and when you browse through the website of Castors2Go, you will be amazed to see so many variations in castors.

The various options in castors

Various kinds of castors are there as per the floor condition, total load you wish to transport and as per the climatic conditions:

  • When you wish to transport very heavy weight, you need to ensure that the wheels are larger. In fact, the weight of the load will impact the mobility of the castor. If you want to move the weight up to 400 pounds, you need ball bearings and rollers.
  • If the floor is uneven, look for castor wheel which is larger. It must move freely over uneven surface. Choose Performa rubber wheel or polyurethane wheel if you want to protect the floor tiles.
  • Look for durable castors if the temperature will be too cold or too hot. You also need to procure lubricant to apply over the castor.
  • Wheel and castor material has different characteristics. If it is an industrial setting, exposed to acid and chemicals, use polyolefin or polyurethane material castor.

The types of castors

There are mainly three kinds of castors:

  • If you wish the load to move in a straight line, choose rigid castor only.
  • If you want the load to move on a particular direction, a swivel castor featuring wheel and swivel yoke would be perfect. It will permit the movement of 360 degrees.
  • The locking castor is another type of castor which locks the entire assembly to one place.

Should you opt for heavy duty castor?

Heavy duty castors are durable castors that can easily handle stress of rugged treatment and the high capacity. The rate of the castor is as per the requirement of the application. The heavy duty castor can suitably hold the weight up to 100lbs per castor.

Light duty castor is used when you wish to transport smaller weights. Castors vary as per the application. Castors2Go harbors all kinds of castors for varied applications.

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