What is Teeth Discoloration and What Causes It

The natural color of the teeth varies and it depends on many factors. It mainly varies from bluish – white to gray white, if it is anything other than this, you should consider changing some habits that are affecting the color of your teeth. Teeth discoloration is a very common problem in people everywhere around the world. The color of the teeth depends on the composition, the structure and the density of the tissue. Visit kennedy square dental and get advice on how to protect your teeth from discoloration.

Whitening procedure

Yes, you can always whiten your teeth with a simple procedure but avoiding the external factors that are causing teeth discoloration is always a better option. Frequent consumption of processed food and sugary beverages with different colors have the ability to accumulate on the surface of their teeth and cause discoloration. This also applies for coffee and tea. There are some herbs that are very strong and if you consume them constantly, it will be very hard to remove the color that accumulates on the teeth.

Initial stage of discoloration

The initial stage of the discoloration can easily be removed with a help of a soft brush and a toothpaste. There is a procedure called professional polishing offered by every dentist. It can help you remove the early stage discoloration. Should it be mentioned that smoking is the main cause of discoloration? Everyone knows that. And even knowing, they still smoke cigarettes.


Tatar is one of the main causes of teeth discoloration. The color that tater gives to the teeth is yellowish. Tatar is caused by an increased intake of sugary and colored food and drinks. This can easily be solved with the help of a simple and painless procedure and it can significantly improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

Tooth Decay

Cavities can also cause a tooth discoloration. In the initial stage, it is usually white in color, but if not treated on time, cavities will give your teeth a darker shade. This is very common in older people who did not treat it on time and then it gives an extremely black or brown color to their teeth.

Treatment of gum diseases

When gum diseases or a root canal is being treated,the teeth will eventually get a darker color. This happens because of the deposition of the blood that accumulates into the dentin and it looks like a dark spot. All of this can be avoided if the teeth are being treated on time. Many people are afraid of going to the dentist and are delaying the process of repairing a damaged tooth or diseased gums. This only makes the situation worse by infecting other teeth and eventually causing discoloration that cannot be fixed.

Being afraid of going to the dentist is normal even if you are an adult. But most of the procedures are painless and as adults we should know that.

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