What Is Credentialing Service And Why Is Important For Organizations?

If you are reading this, probably the chances are that you already know something about credentials and credentialing service, but are curious to learn more.

Well, then let’s begin from the beginning. Repeating the first part of the question – what is credentialing service? To understand the term – credentialing service, let’s first understand what is credentialing and why are they important for an organization?

Credentialing – What You Should Know About It

Credentialing in the simplest terms would mean a process of establishing qualifications of licensed organizations and assessing their background along with legitimacy to be in the business. Organizations are going for credentialing services for various reasons. Some of them may include as follows –

  • Showcase your skills in a crisp format: Credentialing helps a prospective job seeker to showcase his or her skills in crisp format on resume. Credentialing offers much more assurance to the prospective recruiter/employer.
  • Digital badges to display on your website/blogs: Most of the credentialing organizations also offer badges for the credentialing individuals that could be put up on your website or on your blogs.

Now that you know about credentialing let’s understand what are credentialing services.

What Are Credentialing Services?

Again to put it simply, credentialing services are nothing but the services that are offered by a trusted entity. This trusted entity issues credentials to the subscribers that are generally issued by third party authorized to offer these services. The credentialing services are important for the following reasons –

  1. Bridging the skills set gap between the education and the workforce: There has been a growing concern that individuals entering the workforce are not sufficiently skilled to take on the challenges of the real time work environment. And this is where credentialing services come in to bridge the gap between education and the additional skills required at the workplace.
  2. Credentialing helps an individual prepare for real time work environment: Yes, credentialing helps in preparing an individual to handle the real challenges at the workplace through additional hands-on training apart from the classroom teaching. The additional hands-on training recreates the challenges an individual might face in the working environment.
  3. Credentialing services help providing tangible learning experiences: The process of applying concepts, skills in lab, workshop or even in the real-time work settings offers tangible learning experiences to the students. With these experiences they build their knowledge base, which results in better alignment of their education with their acquired skills.

 How To Choose A Credentialing Body Offering Credentialing Services?

While there are numerous bodies that offer professional credentials, it is advisable to note that a credentialing body fulfills the below-mentioned prerequisites —

  1. Recognized by the industry.
  2. Is valid all over the US. In case you want to relocate with your adult children.
  3. Is valid internationally as well. In case, if you wish to any time work outside the US.

Also note the period of validity of your professional credential and in case it is expiring you should reapply for it as soon as possible because expired credential is as good as not having one.

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