What has Ujjain in Store for the Curious Travellers?


Ujjain is an antiquated city, situated in Madhya Pradesh, also called Ujjaini, which infers the famous victor. It is an important hub of religious activities, and attracts an impressive number of voyagers and devotees from across the country. The city is in close proximity to the business capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore. This rural, yet grand city, well known far and wide for its Kumbha, Shivaratri, and Ardha Kumbha Melas is a must-visit destination for all those who are heritage and culture enthusiasts.

For a history lover, this city is a fortune trove, overflowing with remarkable components from the former times that still remain steadfast, charming a large number of devotees consistently. The most famous train that takes you to Ujjain is the Malwa Express (12920). So once you book a ticket for the same, you can even track the 12920 running status to ensure that you are on time, and at par with your plan. Now, check out these places in Ujjain–

Chintaman Ganesh Temple

The Shrine of Lord Ganesh is the most worshipped of the different spots in Ujjain, with Riddhi and Siddhi on either side. The old asylum is frequented with unbounded devotees every year. The haven can be approached easily and is one of the renowned destinations in Ujjain.

Kal Bhairav Temple

The Kal Bhairav Temple built in the temple town of Ujjain is one of the finest delineations of the old Hindu society. It is said that the haven is associated with the group of tantra. The Kal Bhairav is acknowledged to be one of the incensed appearances of Lord Shiva. The temple is the consecrated spot for a few devotees who visit the spot regularly. There are fantastic light stands in the temple premises. Also, there one banyan tree, and under that tree there is a Shivalinga.

Bhartrihari Caves

Bhartrihari Caves are considered to be one of the most well known tourist spots in Madhya Pradesh, located right on the banks of the river Shipra. The caves are much near the antique town of Ujjain. It is a staggering experience that one encounters on entering the hollows. The statues inside the caves don’t exist anymore, however, an extraordinary undertaking awaits the people here who have still not visited the spot. One needs to jump far below the ground, and it is difficult to breathe in there inside the ground.

Durgadas ki Chhatri

Durgadas Ki Chhatri is a specific milestone that is located in the pristine town of Ujjain. The historic point has been has the kind of Chhatri in the memory of Vir Durgadas, who is a whimsical figure ever. The historic point is influenced by the Rajput style of designing and is one of the famous spots for tourists. There are numerous who assume that the stone sparkles like a little diamond as the incorporating scene is thoroughly extravagant in nature.

Shree Mahakaleshwar Temple

Dedicated entirely to Lord Shiva, the Mahakaleshwar Temple is built in five levels, including an underground level. The temple has ample yards. This religious spot dedicated to Lord Shiva is acknowledged to have been built all alone. The walls are embellished with engravings, sculptures and vivid murals. The highest point of the sacrosanct spot has enhancements with more than 100 kg silver.

So if you are a true spiritual traveller, then you definitely deserve a visit to this antiquated, religiously inclined town of Ujjain. Get your IRCTC train reservation done soon, and share your experiences with the world.

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