Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods Used

Want to remove dust, grime, and dirt accumulated on your plush carpet? Then, hire Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services. These people come with the latest equipment and use the right techniques to deep clean the carpets. Not all carpets are made of the same material. These people use the right cleaning technique for different carpet material to remove dust and grime neatly while retaining the lost sheen and colour of the carpet. It is crucial for you to clean the carpets regularly to avoid spreading a bad odour and impure air in your home. Though, carpets can be cleaned by the homeowners, but they cannot attain better results as the professional.

There are different types of carpet cleaning methods embraced by the experts. However, the type of cleaning method chosen will depend on the carpet type, cost, material, and environmental conditions.

3 carpet cleaning methods that are used by many licensed Carpet Cleaning Melbourne services

  1. Steam cleaning:

This is the best and efficient way to clean the carpets. In this process, water is heated to high temperature and is poured on the carpet to kill the bacteria and germs accumulated inside the carpet fibres. Basically, hot water will break down the dirt. And, usage of carpet cleaner will extract the dust and grime from the carpet quickly. If the carpet is thick, then you would need to use a cleaning solution.

  1. Carpet shampooing:

This is the other method being used by many professionals. In this cleaning method, shampoo is spread throughout the carpet and is cleaned using a motorised circular brush. This works on the carpets that are filled with heavy dust and food stains. The carpet has to be vacuum-cleaned to remove moisture and grime.

  1. Carpet dry cleaning:

This cleaning process uses no water. Professionals sprinkle absorbent on the carpet and use a motorised brush to deep clean the carpet. Using a vacuum cleaner, the dust and grime are removed. This method takes less time to dry the carpet over other methods. This method is perfect to use on the carpets made of natural fibre.

Top benefits one can reap by steam cleaning the carpets by hiring expert Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

  • Promote sound health of your family: A plethora of studies has found that, inside air is more polluted over outside air. It is crucial for you to keep all the pollutants, dust mites, and bacteria in the home at bay. The best way to get rid of them is to steam clean the carpet and sterilise them.
  • Remove debris: Though, vacuum cleaning would remove dust, grime, and pollutants, but it could not remove debris that is accumulated deep inside the carpet fibre. The hot water treatment given to the carpet breaks down the dust particles stuck in the carpet. This hot water will kill germs and bacteria and promote sound health of your family members and pets.


If you want to steam clean your carpet, then you need to hire Total Cleaning Melbourne for carpet cleaning services. These people come with the right equipment and use eco-friendly cleaning solutions to deep clean the carpet. It is crucial for you to clean the carpet for every six months based on your home foot traffic.

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