Top Reasons Why Businesses Choose to Outsource!

The love story between the business sector and outsourcing is a great one. The business world was struggling with the challenges that growth brings along with it.

Business owners didn’t know how to manage the customer’s queries that were pouring in such huge numbers without spending a large amount of capital. Incomes the strategy where businesses need to delegate their tasks to specialists.

These specialists are known as call centers or contact centers and are known to hold prowess in managing business’s functions with accuracy and professionalism.

American corporate giants such as Microsoft, American Express, General Electric, and Ford Motor are delegating their technical support, customer service, back-office operations, and allied extraneous yet necessary tasks to the call centers in India.

Why do you think these and so many other businesses are routing their operations to the call centers? Here are a few compelling reasons:

Trimmed expense

After all, that’s what outsourcing is all about, saving money, right? Yes, businesses are outsourcing contact centers services to curtail the operational costs to the minimum.

Let’s take an example for an instance. The cost to hire a technical expert (entry level) in the United States is around $ 18000 annually. Whereas, the same cost to hire a technical professional in India is only $ 6000.

This is what makes all the difference for the businesses.

Apart from this, businesses while setting up an internal premise for customer support, technical assistance or allied tasks require to invest heavily in the technology and tools implementation.

This cost is also weeded off when outsourcing contact center services to a competent vendor at an offshore location.

Along with this, the cost incurred in the hiring and training process of the experts is also eradicated as the call center have sufficient resources.

Balancing the scaling factor

A lot of businesses during their growth stage experience issue in handling the swiftly risen call volumes. To manage these calls, either businesses choose to hire new experts or they simply outsource the functions to a call center.

Handling the scaling issue on your own is not easy. When the call volume sees a peak, you would be requiring to hire more experts (that means more expenditure).

Contrarily when the call volume takes a dip, then you would not want to pay for experts, which, in turn, leads to a mass layoff.

Both the strategies are not so good for business.

Hence, outsourcing contact center services from a proficient company can solve your scaling issue. Since call centers have enough professionals who are already trained and hold expertise, your customer call volume fluctuations are easily handled.


You own a business in the USA and now wants to expand in India. Instead of setting up an infrastructure and investing in setting up the premises, you can always contact a call center in India.

The Indian call centers will help your businesses to reach new prospects/leads via unparalleled lead generation services.

Without investing in the infrastructure, you can penetrate the market.

Things have changed. Call centers are no longer known for customer support only. Outsourcing has found new opportunities.

Companies can expand their business by outsourcing the outbound telemarketing to the contact center services provider in India. These call centers have professionals who know exactly how to generate interest in the mind of the probable leads.

Risk Mitigation

Perhaps one of the most critical benefits of outsourcing is that you don’t have to bear the load alone.

When a company agrees to tie up with you as your outsourcing partner, it also offers you the relief of sharing the risk facet with you.

Higher profit level

Outsourcing offers you a chance to get experienced and skilled professionals at your disposal. You can educate them with respect to your offerings.

Meanwhile, owing to the outsourcing, your internal staff will get more time to focus on the core competencies of your business. This increases the efficiency of your overall company.

When the productivity increases, it directly and positively influences the profit level for your company.

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