TheNew Flagship Car Model of Tata

Tata has stamped its place in the market of personal vehicles and has seen steady growth over the past few years. It is a reliant and reputed company which is trusted by millions of user. Now, by observing the recent success in their ventures, Tata car manufacturing department is getting ambitious for their new upcoming launches and are looking forward to scaling their operations in the country.

The Harrier- the upcoming flagship project                                    

The concept design of the car was recently unveiled at an auto expo in 2018. The spokesperson and chief designer have confirmed that the car will retain at least 85% of the design elements. The concept is termed as H5X, and by reliable sources, it is assured that the manufacturer will keep the front similar to the H5X concept.  There has been no further update about tata harrier news regarding the launch date apart from the fact that deliveries will start in early 2019.

The expertly designed and exciting features of Harrier

This soon to be launched tatasuvwill be equipped with the high-end specifications and features, making it one of the best prospects from the Tata manufacturers. It will be fitted with thin lighting element which may work as Daytime Running Lamps (DRL). Besides this, there will be another cluster of lamps which houses the low beam and high beam lamps. It is also rumoured to be equipped with dynamic bending reflectors which will work on corners to ensure better visibility for the driver.

The launch of this car is a ground-breaking achievement for the manufacturers as it is the first Tata car that will get the OMEGA platform underneath. The chassis is the heavily modified version from the platform of Land Rover. It is also termed to be the most priced car from the Tata group.

It will be fitted with 2.0-litre Multijet engine which will be sourced from FCA. It is the same engine that is also equipped in Jeep compass. Moreover, the transmission will be the 6-speed manual unit, but there is information that it will also offer auto transmission which will be sourced from Hyundai.  This will enable the car to be launched at a competitive price point in the market.

The interior will be plush with leather seats, premium looking dashboard, best quality speakers, are amongst a few in the long list of equipment to be featured in this elegant car. Perhaps, one of the most critical updates that would make this car stand out from the rest is that it will be fitted with a 4WD unit with Terrain response system, which makes it an excellent fit for travelling in long distance off-road and rough terrain area.

Tata Harrier will also be launched in a more extended version, which will be a 7-seater. It is an ambitious and probably one of the best cars to be initiated by the Tata car manufacturers, as it hosts various best in class and flagship features enabling this car to be a perfect fit for driving in the city roads, or in rough terrains for a travel expedition.

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