The perks of private dining

For some of us, a weekend without Indian food is like a summer without sunshine – it simply doesn’t bear thinking about. But instead of sitting at home and simply ordering a takeaway meal for one, the majority of us prefer to share our dinner dates with family or friends. Preferably at a slap-up restaurant.

Fortunately, the UK’s love of Indian cuisine means that there are a myriad of Indian eateries to choose from – most neighbourhoods would be bereft without their local curry house. However, there are times when you want to treat yourself to the finer things in life and sample the sort of truly authentic and well-made dishes that separate the cream of the Indian crop from the slightly more standard dinner-time fare.

At times like these, London is your friend as it boasts some of the best Indian fine dining restaurants in the country. Plus, if you want to make your gathering extra special, some of these establishments even offer the option of private dining – a truly exclusive experience that your party will treasure.

So, what are the benefits of booking a private dining table instead of simply a regular table for a large group in the main restaurant? Here are just a few reasons why you should try it…

  1. A home-away-from-home

You want the privacy of dining at home combined with the sophisticated gastronomy and service of eating out in a reputable restaurant? A private dining table will enable your party to laugh, chat and spend quality time together far from prying eyes – it’s practically a home-away-from-home.

  1. Aim to impress

If you are planning a celebratory meal for an occasion such as a birthday or an engagement, a private dining table adds an impressive ambience to the event that will serve to make it truly memorable. Private dining rooms are designed to impress – one of London’s original Indian restaurants, Veeraswamy, offers an elegant Mughal-inspired space, tastefully decorated with baccarat chandeliers and a flickering candle-lit wall.

  1. Because you’re worth it

Private dining experiences are designed to make you feel like a king or queen and, let’s face it, everyone deserves to be waited on hand and foot occasionally in life. The service at Veeraswamy is discreet, professional and warm – you’ll enjoy letting someone else take care of the hosting whilst you just focus on having fun with your party.

  1. One size fits all

Private dining rooms can be adapted to suit a number of different preferences in style and to suit a variety of occasions. Whether you are keen to experience a formal setting where guests dress up to the nines, or a far more casual set-up where the focus is on fine food and great company, a restaurant like Veeraswamy can ensure the room fits the mood.

It’s not just the food that makes an excellent meal, the atmosphere contributes to the overall experience. We guarantee that at Veeraswamy, one of London’s best Indian fine dining restaurants, you will not be left wanting in either respect.

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