The meaning of Lord Krishna Paintings

Lord Krishna, the uncanny human, who was actually the avatar of Lord Vishnu (The Supreme Lord) is supposed to be a role model of every man & woman in India. Actually, Krishna was so inspiring and influential that sometimes it really seems impossible to imagine someone so perfect in the human flesh.

Maybe that’s why the stories of Krishna are sometimes included in the mythologies because not everyone could connect with such miraculous man in real existence.

Not even his persona but his teachings are also still followed amongst the people of India.

What is it that you liked most about the traits of Lord Krishna artworks? Do you know why are these paintings so much craved by the art aficionados?

Well, there is an internal spiritual meaning of the mesmerising paintings of Lord Krishna that draws millions of art aficionados towards these.

This blog is going to give you a walkthrough the hidden interpretations of Lord Krishna artworks that not every art lover is aware of. If you belong to the same group of art aficionados, keep reading. Let’s start:

Krishna, the ultimate truth

If you know a bit about Hindu religion, you must be knowing that there is a famous ‘trinity’ of the religion comprising the deities such as Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu.

What you might do not know that according to the Hindu scriptures there is a difference between the ‘idea of God’ and the ‘Absolute truth’. In Bhagwad Geeta, the term ‘God’ is referred to anyone who is a mighty controller. The other term ‘Absolute truth’ is being described as the ultimate point of origin of all sorts of energies.

Gods can be more than one person handling the various affairs that go on in-universe, but there is only one absolute truth for all. As per the oldest written religious scriptures, this one person is no one else but Krishna himself.

It is being believed that Krishna is the ultimate source to all forms of energies that are available in the universe. Everything comes from Krishna, serves its purpose and then gets back to the Krishna again.

Hence, the term ‘absolute truth’ refers to a bitter truth that everything that is being created will be dissolved back. This is what the true interpretation of Krishna is.

So, the next time you are looking at contemporary or traditional Lord Krishna paintings, remember the picture is nothing but an artistic manifestation of the ‘absolute truth’.

The energy forms

It is often said the Krishna was not actually blue-skinned as he is depicted in most of the artworks that you see of the deity. Then why is Krishna represented as blue-skinned man?

In fact, Krishna was black in colour, but the energy that surrounds him make people see the colour as blue. It means that if you are just looking at the materialistic facet such as the colour of the skin, then obviously, Krishna will be visualised as black only.

On the other hand, if you are trying to see the spiritual and the real truth inside his character, then the energy of ultimate serenity makes Krishna look like blue.

As per the scriptures, Krishna’s energies are mainly of three forms; the internal energy, the external energy, and the souls.

The internal energy of Krishna is exhibited as the otherworldly spiritual kingdom, while the external energy is a reference to the short-lived material world that we live in.

The third form of Krishna’s energy is depicted as marginal and is known to comprise all living creatures or the separate souls.

This third form of ‘soul energy’ is marginal because the soul can find shelter in the spiritual kingdom or in the material world.

It is being believed that if the souls wanted to get into the spiritual realm, they require to dwell themselves into the blissful and conversant shadow of Krishna. Contrarily, if the soul wants to get into the material world, all it has to do is ignore the inner Krishna and leave him into darkness & suffering.

Final words

As a lover of art, I always admire the efforts and the idea behind the exquisite Lord Krishna paintings. Since I found out that most of the people who are spiritual and admirer of paintings, like Krishna paintings; Ofcourse because of the charm and gracefulness but lack the basic understanding that lies behind the vivacious colours and strikingly beautiful strokes of brushes.

I always wanted the art aficionados to get the real implication of the physical manifestation of the Lord Krishna in his paintings.

So, what are you waiting for? Since now you are completely aware of the spiritual essence of Lord Krishna paintings, it would be rather easy for you to make a purchase.

Get on to an online art platform now and select one or more extravagant Krishna painting for your home, office or any other place’s wall space.

For any questions, reach us in the comment section.


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