The different Roles in the Data Science industry

The world of data science is boundless and so are the distinct roles inside its vast sphere. Data science is a complex, stupendous field that comprises of a plethora of roles and responsibilities. And, it clearly requires different people from different educational backgrounds and different interests to do justice to all those roles.

Therefore, it is commonly noticed that many people are not conveniently able to differentiate amongst the wide range of data science skills. Though each role has been given a unique name, it still gets confusing to understand how they vary and what are the skills & technology that you are needed to be well-versed with in order to carry each one of them out.

This has become a huge concern for professionals who are longing for a data science jobs, but, face the complexity as to where they can precisely fit in the extensive realm of data science. After all, one should have an overall knowledge of a job position before applying or accepting it from a prospective employer.

Below, you are going to find the playful, interesting titles that the data science industry has to offer along with their descriptions so that before you put in an application for a job, you very well know what you are getting yourself into and how it is going to shape your career in the future.

  1. Data Scientist

Data Scientists are the modern indigenous data wizards who play around with intense data to bring out business value. It is one of the most valuable and highly regarded designations to have o your business card.

Declared as the sexiest job of the twenty-first century by the Harvard Business Review, the data scientist position deals with high priority data related work. The scientists in this sector handle raw & unstructured data, give shape to it, comprehend patterns, analyze them to provide insights to other departments to abet them in making more suitable decisions in favor of the business.

  1. Data Analyst

The intuitive minds of the data science industry, Data analysts are the brainiest of professionals trained in programming languages like python, C, R, and SQL. They are the masterminds who gather data from a plethora of sources, process and evaluate it using a range of statistical techniques. So, the chief prerequisite to becoming a data analyst is to have an instinctive attitude towards work.

Businesses today are hunting data scientists and analysts extensively, hence the availability of data science certifications in the market has grown by multiple times.

  1. Data Architect

As big data is practically everywhere you look, the demand for data architects is skyrocketing every minute. They are the professionals who are accountable for integrating, centralizing, protecting and maintaining the highly valuable data sources.

A data architect is supposed to stay up-to-date with technologies like Spark, Pig, and Hive.

  1. Data Engineer

With a knack of working with databases along with complex processing systems, data engineers are sophisticated professionals with professional qualifications in IT engineering and have deep knowledge of not just statistical programming languages but also in web development languages.

The data science industry is humongous with loads and loads of jobs roles to offer. One just has to know where and how they can serve in this field.

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