The BMW X5 Redefines the Term of SUV

The X5 brought in BMWs X range of SUV vehicles when it was first introduced some two decades back, in 1998. The model is often for having injected sportiness into SUVs, because until its arrival, nobody had any clue that an SUV could perform so smoothly and sportily.

Ever since, manufacturers strive to enhance the performance of SUV by achieving sports car like handling in these somewhat tall and heavy machines that are also meant to produce some off-road abilities.

The BMW X5 which helped change the definition of the term SUV has eventually turned out to be one of the most successful luxury SUVs of all time.


These days, an all-new generation model is usually much more imposing than the outgoing one, and the new BMW X5 is no different.  The larger size makes it look great on the street, giving it an imposing appearance. The larger the exteriors, the more space it creates for interiors. As a result of this, not only does it offer more comfortable, but it also makes the 3rd row in the 7-seat version quite usable.  Getting into the back and out is also easier due to the electric forward-tilting second-row seats.

According to the experts from BMW repair Greensboro, the new BMW X5 flaunts some strong lines and a more toned body. It’s like a gymnast giving a pose with a hint of promise that it will appear with a leaner and more muscular shape. The massive kidney grille which is twice as wide as the headlights defines its stance. The side is marked by the ‘Z’ shaped strong character line that mounts up to blend with the rear door handle. The split tailgate can electrically operate lower and upper sections, and with the air suspension, the loading lip can be brought down, making packing simpler.

The new BMW X5 is admired for its imposing appearance and strength, but quite honestly, it’s the insides of the vehicle that really commands attention.


Stepping into, you will be baffled to see the traditional instrument cluster consisting of a round speedometer flanked by a round rpm is missing. The new BMW X5 boasts a fully digital instrument cluster that demonstrates navigation information and graphics in the space between the speed and rpm meter and even the space within these instruments is used to provide various data.

For those who prefer simple and straightforward instruments, this is a clear case of data overload and that too in a space that should free of clutter. Besides, the rpm meter needle does not have a response that is equal or linear to the pressure one applies on the accelerator pedal. Kick off the pedal and the needle instantly gains in by roughly 1,500 or 2,000 rpm, even before the engine itself has begun to increase its revolutions! This indeed feels quite out of the world. Then again, this is the era of advanced connectivity where graphics and simulated images command attention, and in this respect, the BMW X5 is clearly ahead of the curve.

The instrument cluster is connected with the very legible and attractive Control Display, sharing the same graphics. The raised seating position, low dash, and A-pillars combine to provide an imposing view to the driver. As mentioned, the multi-function seats are not only pretty comfortable, but also come with several massage functions, etc. The model receives heated and cooled cup holders, a very high end audio system with some 20 speakers, and ambient air package that fills the passenger compartment with eight individually selectable scents as per your requirements, etc.

Engine & Transmission:

The BMW X5 is offered with two petrol and two diesel engines. The model has a 3-liter 6 cylinder diesel producing 268 PS and 620 Nm of torque, and the M50d 6-cylinder diesel renders 405 PS and 760 Nm, sprinting from 0 to 100 in 5.2 seconds! BMW will also offer the 50i, which comes with a 4.4 litre V8 petrol engine that makes 468PS and 650Nm.  It runs from 0 to 100 in 4.7 seconds, but what are really impressive are the smooth power and the super sound. This engine never feels under any sort of strain and revels in creating energy, while delightfully producing its unique music.

All engines are paired with the fast shifting and smooth 8-speed Steptronic auto transmission that transfers the power onto the front and rear wheels, thanks to the advanced X drive all-wheel drive system. Generally, the power split is 50:50. However, based on the driver’s inputs and motoring conditions, the intelligent system will determine the amount of power that will go to the front or back.

Driving Impression:

As already mentioned, the new BMW X5 is beefy machine. Despite its imposing appearance, the new X5 is admired for its sharp handling, impressive levels of grip and offers good ride comfort too. The new model comes up with an entire magic box of advanced electronics, software, smart motors along with various mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic components.

Over all, the car is impressive. To keep it in good condition, take it to the nearby auto body shop Greensboro NC.

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