The best ways to Secure Your Laptop Against Theft


It is obvious that in a weakened economy, theft rates– especially for little electronics– increase. Given that lots of computer system enthusiasts carry their laptops absolutely all over, it makes good sense to be especially watchful in securing these devices.

While there are lots of paid services providing location tracking for lost or stolen laptops, a totally free service called Lock It Tight is providing this valuable tool totally free. To register for the service, click Free Sign Up at the top right of the homepage.

Enter your register details (name, e-mail, username and password), making certain to select the Free strategy from the dropdown menu. After agreeing with the terms of service, click I accept. Produce my account at the bottom of the page.

You need to then validate your e-mail address. The service sends an email containing a link you must click to activate your account. When validated, log in to your new account on the laptop computer you want to secure. Click the Download Client button to install the theft defense on your laptop.

When installed, Lock It Tight tracks your laptop computer’s location every hour or so (this is an adjustable setting). From any computer, log in to your Lock It Tight account to see your laptop’s place on Google Maps.

Besides area tracking, Lock It Tight takes a screen capture and Web camera capture every 2 hours. If your laptop is stolen, these photos, combined with location tracking, can assist the cops recover your laptop computer. Also visit world smartphone market.

There is no doubt this service will assist recuperate some devices, and this layer of protecting is definitely worth setting up. Nevertheless, area tracking services can truly only discourage stupid lawbreakers– rather like airport security. When the laptop’s hard disk is wiped clean, the service does no good in tracking the laptop computer. Plus, if the laptop’s power is off, the service can not work.

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