Step by step Guide: Add a Search Bar to WordPress Menu

The most common and overlooked item in a website that can be advantageous but is skipped is the search bar. Placing this box at a clearly visible part of the website whether in the header, footer or sidebar will be helpful in guiding a user to various pages. The question that arises at this point is when links to all important pages are provided on the home page, then why is this field required. It is needed to give another navigation option to a visitor, who if unavailable to find a desired link can use it to reach it but there are other advantages also. Today we will learn about how to add a search bar to WordPress menu along with the associated benefits.

Benefits Of Search Bar

It is a common notion that this field is just a convenience provided to a user with no visible gains for the owner when in fact it can be leveraged to generate valuable information that can be used for increasing productivity.

1. Navigational Asset

It can help a visitor in traversing through a site by providing an easy option to reach the intended page rather than searching for the relevant link. Most users may leave a website if they cannot locate the desired page quickly.

2. Customer Retention

An enhanced user experience in the form of better navigation and access to different elements of the website results in a growth in satisfied customers who are expected to remain with the service in future and also recommend it to others.

3. Marketing Data

The business owner gets access to invaluable information by analyzing data like the type of clientele visiting your service and their navigational behaviour which will give an insight into their likes and dislikes. This can be extremely helpful in designing of the marketing strategy.

4. New Product Ideas

The data of the searches can be mined for the purpose of creating new products or services or making the required improvements in them. A large number of queries regarding a particular product indicates the growing consumer interest and if the right analytical tools are employed, the required service can be identified, designed and launched quickly.

5. Keywords Identification

Simply adding a search bar to your website can help in optimization. Visitors will type in their requirements and all the input can be analyzed for identifying new keywords simply by looking at the most searched terms. This knowledge can be harnessed for better optimization of the content of the portal.

6. Usability Issues

The new feature can also give a peek into the difficulties encountered by a visitor in moving through various elements by assessing the usage information and the clicking pattern. Not only does it help in addressing these issues but also in adding of new fields that may be desired by majority of the visitors.

It must be clear to now that the search field is not a useless feature and now it is time know about how to add a search bar to WordPress menu.

Incorporating A Search Bar In The WordPress Menu

The attractiveness of WordPress website development lies in the expedience and comfort it provides in the form of plugins to conduct any modifications easily. We will use the Add Search To Menu plugin for our intended purpose through the following steps.

Step 1

Install the Add Search To Menu plugin and activate it.

Step 2

The newly installed plugin will be now visible in the WordPress admin section and access it from the settings panel, using the path

Settings >> Add Search To Menu

You will be seeing the following settings page :

Step 3

Choose the menu where you want to place the search field. In the below image the Top Menu and Social Links Menu are part of the template of our selected WordPress theme. Your listing may be different from the example here and if you make any modifications to the template, then the list will start showing the menus available in the new template automatically.

Step 4

Customize the field further by selecting the style of the new search form from 3 different options- Dropdown, Sliding and Fullwidth apart from the default search box. You can also enter the menu title of your choice in the given field.

Step 5

A very useful feature for displaying the form on mobile devices is also provided here and click on its option to make the new form visible on smart devices.

Step 6

The search bar is now a part of your chosen menu and check your website to confirm the change. We had chosen a dropdown menu for our example which can be seen in the below image.



The complete procedure of how to add a search bar to WordPress menu must have become clear to you in addition to gaining knowledge about the benefits that this new feature brings along with itself, for your business.

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