Send bulk SMS from Excel

Bulks SMS sending has become one of the most used solutions for marketing, promotion and informative purposes. Yes, this means almost all of the sectors make use of this service to its great extent to reach the targeted audiences for different purposes. There are several SMS sending companies to help you with SMS sending service at surprising rates. But before checking the plans, there are some other important features to look for in the SMS sending software. They include the following.

SMS sending from different platforms

None of the businesses or service provider like to make tremendous changes in the existing software and applications to send SMS. Would you like to do so? No, certainly not. You will certainly look for a software or solution that allows you to send SMS through the commonly used platform where you keep and manage your contacts. Microsoft Excel will be one of the most used platforms to keep complete details of the customers. Reputed SMS companies are well aware of the importance of Excel in managing and maintaining contacts and hence provide an excellent platform to send bulk sms through excel and other platforms.

Easy to compose and send SMS

Now it is made so easy to compose and send SMS through the best online SMS gateways provided by the SMS companies. They provide you with several SMS templates to compose the message as you wish it. There is no need to import or export the contacts. You can compose the message and make use of the contacts in Excel as it is to send to SMS at the expense of a few clicks. The contacts will automatically get updated in the SMS software for future SMS sending process. This is how sending bulk SMS is made so easy by the best SMS sending platforms.

Easy to manage and maintain

There is no need of high end technical or software skills to manage and maintain the contacts in the software. You can make as many groups you wish in accordance with the type of customers, priority, location or on the basis of any of the factors you wish. You can open as many accounts with the software in case you have operations at different locations to keep them unique.

Detailed reports

SMS software is certainly incomplete without perfect delivery reports. The software should make detailed reports of everything carried over through the platform. A good SMS gateway provides the complete report of sent date and time of SMS, delivered date and time, list of undelivered numbers, total messages etc. to the businesses to add efficiency to the SMS sending process.


When compared with other marketing and promotional tools, sms sending software from excel sheet seems to be the most economical ways to reach the targeted customers with your message. Now get the best in SMS gateway that provides you with anytime anywhere access to send the messages from Excel or spreadsheet without making any of the changes or taking any risks.

There is no doubt, SMS can really stamp your business name in the hearts of your potential customers.

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