See the Religious Side Of The City Of Bhopal – Visit The Birla Mandir And Lakshmi Narayan Temple

Bhopal is a very popular tourist destination as it embraces within itself places of unparalleled natural beauty, as well as places of great cultural heritage. Bhopal is also a land of religious diversity in India. The original natives as well as those who have later settled down in the city and its vicinity are people of various ethnic beliefs. So, if you are planning to visit Bhopal, then you must not miss the many holy places in the city.

The Birla Mandir or Lakshmi Narayan Temple in Bhopal

  • The Lakshmi Narayan Temple of Bhopal is located on the zenith of the Arera Hill. It presents a spectacular panoramic view of the city. The temple is also known as the Birla Mandir after the Birlas, who have constructed the temple and have given you the opportunity to please yourself with the visit. The temple is dedicated to the Goddess of wealth, Devi Lakshmi.
  • However, the temple consists of idols of Laxmi and Narayana, as well as Lord Shiva and Parbati.
  • All the three star hotels in Bhopal provide all necessary information about how to reach the temple and so on.
  • The temple has an excellent museum attached to the temple that presents a superb collection of sculptures of the 12th
  • The entranceway to the temple is beautiful by itself. It is an attractive archway, which has luxuriant lawns on all its sides.
  • The peaceful atmosphere of the surroundings gives a great sense of solace and calm to the tourists.
  • The tourist can come here and sit to have a good time of pondering and self-incarnation.

Some basic information about the Birla Mandir in Bhopal

The Birla Mandir remains open throughout the day, on all days of the week. You may want to spend a blissful 1 to 2 hours in the temple complex. You may also plan a visit during the hours of sunset to get a magnificent view of the city in the fading lights. You may take as many snaps as you feel like, because carrying a camera or video camera is very much allowed.

The temple is located on the BHEL Road and is open to everyone, irrespective of religions, caste or creed. The architecture if the temple is also worth taking note of. It is a great specimen of the art and culture prevailing in the state. There are food stalls available inside the temple premises as well as facilities to offer pujas. However, on certain auspicious days of the year, the temple tends to get very crowded. So, before making your visit, gather all necessary information from the Bhopal hotel that you put up in.

Some tourists find the architecture and design of the Birla Mandir common, as similar temples are built in many cities throughout India, yet the location of the temple is what sets it apart. The hilltop temple and the views that you get from here, add to its glamour and the serenity and peacefulness are add-ons as well.

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