Reasons for Building a Backyard Bungalow at Home

Many houses owners desire to build an additional bungalow or cabin on the premises of their properties if they have a large backyard to serve this purpose. It may be a simple one-room structure or a full-fledged unit with multiple bedrooms and kitchen. There can be many reasons for building a backyard bungalow, as it can have many fruitful uses. This bungalow can be of varied sizes, as per the requirement of the homeowner. This type of bungalow or cabin is provided with all the facilities, just like the main house building. The contractor needs to be informed accordingly while constructing this extra housing structure.

Major causes that inspire the owners to build a backyard bungalow

  • Use as granny flats – The elderly members of the family may want to live separately from the rest of the family members and a backyard bungalow can be a  best option.. In this way,  parents or grandparents can enjoy the company of their children while maintaining their own privacy in a separate dwelling. Moreover, the younger members can take care of the elderly members of the family and keep them secure in these well-maintained bungalows.
  • Provide extra spaces – Often people experience space crumps at home when many  guests arrive on a special occasion. A backyard bungalow with multiple bedrooms and attached bathrooms can serve as the perfect solution to their problem, where the guests can spend their nights comfortably. It is more important when the main house is not large enough to accommodate many people together.
  • Downsizing the lifestyle – Many people find life in large houses to be quite expensive, due to the greater expenses in maintenance and utility bills. Hence, they may shift to a smaller size bungalow or cabin in the backyard of the same house for downsizing their regular expenses and lead a simpler life. They may earn money by renting out their main residence or use it for commercial purpose as well.
  • Can be given on rent – The house owners often consider the scope of a large amount of extra income, by giving out their backyard bungalow on rent. These bungalows are constructed as separate housing units, with bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens. Thus, the tenants can live peacefully in these bungalows and are ready to pay high rental amounts for staying here.
  • May be used as an office – Some people find commuting daily to office a time-consuming and stressful affair. Thus, they can make an office setup in the backyard bungalow of their homes and start working from home. In this way, they can save the time needed for travelling and put it into more effective use. Some people use the same bungalow for both official and living purpose, by decorating the interiors likewise, with an office and a suite side by side.
  • Enhance resale value – An old house with a large bungalow in its backyard is sure to fetch huge amounts of money for its owner, as many potential buyers are interested to buy a house with a readymade backyard bungalow even for a much higher price. Hence, it is seen that the market value of such properties goes sky-high in the real estate market and even the brokers show more interest for selling these houses. So, the construction of a bungalow is considered as a wise investment for achieving more profits in future.

Some professionals also use these bungalows or cabins as their studios or workshops, where they can work peacefully without any disturbance. Thus, the designs of these bungalows are created according to the needs and tastes of the house owners.

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