Pros and Cons Of Apartment Living

Apartments have been a preferred and attracting living option of people they offer many benefits and are more viable option for the people who have smaller incomes and can’t afford a house. Here are some benefits of apartment living:

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No maintenance

When someone own a house he should also keep in mind the cost of required for maintenance which includes plumbing work, construction, renovation and many other things that need maintenance once or twice in a year. Whereas in the apartment, you don’t have to worry about the maintenance because all these things are taken care by the management department or corporate body, ensuring you full peace of mind.


An apartment comes with array of benefits such as common room, swimming pool, parking area, gym, playing area, security systems and much more. All these things have made apartment an attracting option. Due to all these amenities people prefer apartment living instead of owning a house.

Less bills & Fees

Usually, Apartment living offers less bills and costs. They cost less in terms of cooling, heating, electricity and other utilities. So, apartments are affordable than the house.

Perfect for living alone

Apartment living is ideal for those who plan on living alone. For such people, limited space and simplicity are features which make apartments ideal for people who want less space and bills.

Location & Convenience

Mostly, the apartment developments are focused on the urban area, offering easy access to the market, restaurants and many conveniences & efficiencies.


Limited space

When it comes to apartment, you just have to live in the limited space. So, if you want to add extension or want some changes in your room, you have fewer options. There is no possibility to add extension, so if you’re creative and love to renovate your place, apartment will not a better option.


If you’ve decided apartment living, keep in mind that you have to follow their rules and consider some restrictions. You are may be restricted from painting or decorating the exterior walls of your apartment, or replacing the fixtures or ceilings of your own choice or replacing the air conditioning as well.

Limited Privacy

Privacy matters a lot. But apartment living is not better options for those to whom privacy matters a lot because in apartment living there is no so much privacy. Sharing a wall with neighbors (in apartment living), your neighbors are being able to hear everything. So, you’ve to be careful and not to disturb anyone.

Lack of light

Due to limited space, lighting is a big issue in apartment living. Having just 2 or 3 windows or one door, majority of apartments are gloomy. While in a house, you don’t have to care so much about lighting.

Lack of Ventilation

Inadequate ventilation is also a problem in apartment living. Majority of the basement apartments get moldy and high humidity level. So, the ventilation of indoor spaces is important.

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