Pliers and their uses in our daily lives

There are end numbers of tools that play a vital role in the routine life of almost every individual. Pliers are a sort of hand tool which is used to hold an object firmly with a grip. These are believed to have been developed from tongs. Mostly they are used to bend and compress a wide range of substances. They are categorized as the first class lever. The position of fulcrum provides mechanical advantage to the pliers. With the increase of the mechanical advantage, there is an easy to handle some objects in the pliers with fingers only.

History of the pliers

It was a very simple invention which was done in the Bronze Age. It is said that ever since the metal working process has started, the tool must have been present. This tool is one of the oldest inventions. This tool is mandatory for handling metals, twisting them or even cutting them though it has such an elevated mechanical advantage.

The pliers are always used to handle materials like those of horseshoes, fasteners, wires, pipes, and some electrical components. Therefore there is an availability of the hand pliers in almost every part of the world as they are so widely used. One can also easily buy online hand pliers in India.

Types of pliers

There are several types of pliers which are discussed below:

  1. Slip joint pliers:

These types of pliers are used in a pivot point which allows both the pieces of pliers to shift and extend the space between the jaws. The slip joint pliers are the tools that hold the materials of the varying thickness with a grip. These type of pliers are a must in a mechanical toolkit.

  1. Tongue and groove pliers:

The tongue and the groove pliers also have the same application as those of the slip joint pliers. These kinds of pliers are mostly used in the plumbing works. They have an adjustable pivot which makes it way more adjustable than that of the slip joint pliers.

  1. Locking pliers:

Locking pliers have double lever actions which enable the pliers to work systematically.

  1. Linesman’s pliers:

It has affixed pivot point. The jaws are flat so that it becomes easy to have a grip on the flat objects. They are also insulated, and thus electricians find it way too easier to hold electrical components while there is an electrical operation is going on.

  1. Cutting pliers:

They have short jaws. With this kind of pliers, one can easily cut the wires, nails, and screws.

  1. Wire strippers:

These pliers have wire cutting blades so that the wire gauges can be cut easily.

  1. Needle nose pliers:

These are used for bending wires or placing the fasteners. These have a lot of application and can perform a wide range of works.

Thus the pliers are too important in every household, for the electricians and everywhere. There are plier’s exporters all over the world as it is always in demand in the market.

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