PC Gaming Terms – Explanation

If you are new to PC gaming you may be a bit confused by a few of the terms utilized. You ought to be quickly able to select up on these though; they will quickly become part of your gaming vocabulary. The following are simply some of the terms that you will frequently hear when it concerns PC video gaming.

Graphics Processing Unit (CPU)~ Graphics Processing Unit (CPU) ~ Graphics Processing Unit (CPU). Your video gaming card has a chip on it where the graphics are processed, and this is referred to as the CPU (graphics processing Unit). The quality of the images that you see in your video games will be figured out by the type of CPU that you have.

Texture Mapping: The majority of us have already seen texture mapping without understanding that was exactly what it was called. Texture mapping is the ability making images look 3D and in today’s day and age, this is extremely important. We can create very convincing images with the assistance of a bitmap image and thankfully it does not require a great deal of computer system processing power.

Frame Rate: The frame rate really refers to how quick images will appear on your screen and this helps to develop an impression of motion in a video game. Nowadays the very best games will require a frame rate of anywhere up to sixty frames per second. A frame rate under thirty frames per second will make the motion in the game appear really cumbersome.

Artifact: An artifact is anything that appears on the computer system screen during the game that isn’t indicated to be there. When a CPU cannot handle the demands being placed on it, these artifacts will appear. Other reasons for this could be that your computer drivers have an issue or that there is a virus on your computer system which is causing it to decrease.

Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP)~ Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP)~ Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP). Older computer systems used an APG in order for the graphics card to be connected and these enabled PC video games to be played. The computer that you are utilizing might have an APG although many computers do not included this anymore.

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