Parenting with TOS Mobile Monitoring in the Digital Age


Parenting has never been uncomplicated but the advancement of technology and widespread adoption of mobile phones has made it more challenging. The post millennial generation dedicates most of the waking hours to mobile phones and social media.  While these social networking platforms provide fun ways to stay connected with the buddies and people across the world, they may expose teens and tweens to horrible threats such as bullying, child molestation, cat-fishing and scamming. The more they remain online, the more they are likely to become victim of predators, persecutors and scoundrels.

In this digital age, parents are needed to supervise the mobile phone use of their children to protect them from the potential dangers of the online world. There are numerous monitoring applications that enable parents to keep tabs on the mobile phone activities of their kids. TheOneSpy is one of those applications that allow remote monitoring of the Android and iOS mobile phone devices of their children. Read on to know how this app facilitates parenting in this digital age.

Parenting with TOS Mobile Monitoring


The mobile phone spy software allows parents to monitor and record almost every activity of their kids performed on their smartphones. Parents are required to download and install the application on the Android or iPhone of their offspring to track the phone data. After successful installation of the spyware, you can monitor and control the target device through the confidential online account of the spy software. The spy app accesses the phone data and uploads to this online account for parents to view and download the targeted phone information. Given are the main features of the mobile monitoring software that enable parents to remotely monitor and manage the smartphones of their children.

Monitor Messages

The Android surveillance app enables parents to read all incoming and outgoing messages of their kids. It syncs the messages stored on the phone and deleted from the phone and uploads them to the online account. It includes text messages, multimedia messages and instant messages containing photos and videos. Moreover, you can get the contact detail of the message senders and receivers.

Call Tapping

Parents can protect their kids from the predators and harassers by tracking their phone calls. The spyware records all inward and outward phone calls and uploads to the online account to allow parents to listen and download these calls. It lets you listen to the secretive phone calls of your children to detect if they are facing some miserable circumstances.

Monitor Social Media

Social media has turned out to be the most significant thing in teens’ lives. The applications such as Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder and Facebook keep kids stick to their mobile phones. While these apps allow them to communicate with the people worldwide, these platforms can make them suffer from depression, anxiety and numerous physical and mental health issues. The predators and bullies use these platforms to victimize adolescents and exploit them for sexual or monetary gain.

Parents can keep tabs on the social media activities of their children to make sure they are not being targeted by someone. The Android spy app allows them to read the social media messages of their kids; monitor their social media posts and track their friends-list to smell the dangers forehanded.

Track GPS Location

The mobile phone tracking app lets you locate your children anytime and from anywhere. It keeps you updated on their track GPS location and keeps you informed of their every movement. It also provides location history and route visited by your children. The geo-fencing allows you to mark multiple locations to restrict your kids from entering in unsafe areas.

Monitor Surroundings

The live surround monitoring is a high-tech feature of the surveillance software. Parents can remotely operate the cameras of the mobile phones of their kids to see what is happening around. The spy app also allows them to turn on the microphone of the monitored Android devices to listen to the surrounding sounds and voices.

Track Emails and Keylogs

You can read all the incoming and outgoing emails of your kids and get access to their online accounts with the help of Keylogs. The spy software records the Keylogs of usernames, email addresses and passwords to enable parents to keep the online accounts of their children under surveillance.

Access Web History

The Android and iPhone monitoring software allows supervising the internet use of teens and tweens. You can get access to the internet browsing history of their mobile phones and monitored devices and see the URLs of the websites visited and information searched on Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

The Bottom Line

TheOneSpy mobile monitoring software is reliable, feature-rich and inexpensive monitoring solution that allows supervising the online and offline activities of children without breaking the bank. It allows monitoring and recording the activities performed on and around the target phone to ensure the safety of the children.

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