MHRD- National Level Scholarship

The scholarship is offered at national level currently by the two different departments of MHRD. Ministry of Human Resource Development is the former ministry of education which is responsible for the development of human resources in India. Under this scholarship, the scholarships such as Central Sector Scholarship, National, and External Scholarships are allotted to the meritorious students based on their eligibility and performances.

It offers various scholarships out of which some of them are only based on merit while some are purely on the basis of need of the students; some are career-specific while others are students and college-specific. Broadly, the MHRD scholarships can be classified in two categories given below

  • National Scholarships-
  • Central Sector Scheme of scholarship for college and university students- It is for the students who have passed in class 12th.
  • Special Scholarship Scheme for Jammu and Kashmir- It is for the under graduate courses and also for the students of class 12th
  • Scheme for Scholarship to the students for the Non-Hindi speaking states for post matric studies in Hindi- It is given to the students of class 11 to the candidates of PHD and also the candidates of class 10
  • External Scholarships-
  • Common Wealth Scholarships for UK and New Zealand- It is for masters and PHD
  • Scholarships offered by China, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Italy, Mexico and Sri Lanka.
  • Agatha Harrison Memorial Fellowship- This fellowship is awarded to the candidates of the ages 30 to 40.

AICTE Scholarships-

AICTE which is a technical educational structure of India which is working under MHRD has helped the students with better quality of education and financial support in the form of scholarships. AICTE scholarship is offered by AICTE which are offered to students on the basis of need and merit. Mainly there are 4 scholarship schemes which are given as under to the students of India studying under the AICTE approved institutes in India. The following scholarships are provided to the candidates with given number of scholarship-

  • AICTE JK Scholarship- a number of 5000 scholarships will be awarded
  • AICTE Pragati Scholarship for girls- a number of 4000 scholarships will be awarded
  • AICTE Saksham Scholarship- a number of 1000 scholarships will be awarded
  • AICTE PG Scholarship- a number for it has not be decided

UGC Scholarships-

University Grants Commission commonly known as UGC is the statutory organization established by the Government of India. It is also the educational structure of India which is worked out under Ministry of Human Resource Development. Similarly, various UGC scholarships are offered to support the meritorious students to help them in completing their higher education and move forward in their career path.

The motive behind UGC scholarships is to make college and university education available to those students who are weak on the basis of finance but are capable of bringing the changes in the educational scenario of the nation which is indulged in the research and other related activities.

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