Matka Silk Sarees – The Ultimate Symbol of Desi-Sensuality

If there is one wardrobe staple that is loved and treasured by Indian women of all ages, then it’s undoubtedly the timeless silk sarees. Here in this article, you can find the story behind matka silk, a type of lightweight silk that is available in an array of vibrant colours and patterns.

Before you head out on a matka silk saree shopping spree, have a look at the rich history behind this beautiful weave. Silk Sarees have symbolised “Elegance, Richness, and Purity for Ages.” There are four different types of natural silks extracted from the silkworm – Tussar, Eri, Mulberry and Mugi. Silk fabrics are spun from these natural silk threads, which in turn become ravishing silk sarees.

History of Matka Silk

Matka Silk is a handloom silk that is made from the waste of Mulberry silk. It’s originally from Karnataka and Kashmir, but the spinning is widely done in West Bengal, particularly in the districts of Murshidabad and Malda.

Weaving the Fabric

Matka is made from the thick yarn spun by a particular type of silkworm called as the Bombyx Mori. There are some irregularities in the material. However, this is not due to any errors in weaving but to the natural texture of the silk. In fact, Matka silk has a unique texture that is a delight for tailors to work with. This is the reason why jackets, blouses, kurtas are made from matka silk.

The amount of yarn used determines the thickness of the silk. Matka silks of varying thickness are used for different applications like textiles, home furnishing and accessories.

Versatility of the Silk

Matka silk is renowned for its versatility and is quite easy to work with. This makes it usable in a variety of applications like sarees, dresses, jackets, suits, pillow covers, home furnishings and even for sewing children’s toys. Other fun uses of matka silk are for scrapbooking and as cover for journals.

Matka on the Runway

Matka is one of the most preferred fabrics by leading designers and it has received immense love on and off the runways. Leading fashion designers like Ritu Kumar, Shravan Kumar, Sabyasachi have showcased matka silk as part of their collection.

Several leading Bollywood divas like Kiron Kher, Vidya Bala and Tisca Chopra have been spotted donning Matka silk sarees at various events. Celebrity endorsement and designer love have resulted in the rise of a vast collection of online matka silk sarees.

Reasons Why Matka Silk Sarees are Preferred

There are several reasons why Matka silk sarees are preferred by women of all ages.
• One, they are cheaper when compared to other popular types of silk sarees like the Benares and Kanjeevaram.
• Two, they are durable and aren’t high maintenance when compared to other regular silk sarees.
• Three, the texture and weave of matka make it possible to be available in a wide variety of colours and designs.

Matka Silk Saree Maintenance

Wash your saree with mild detergent or baby shampoo. Harsh detergents can damage the texture of the silk. Also, dry the saree or any other apparel made of Matka silk in indirect sunlight to prevent fading of the bright colours.

Aavaranaa has a vast collection of matka silks in vibrant colours and different prints at prices that are pocket-friendly. If you’re looking for lightweight silks that have the glamour and beauty of traditional silks, yet are easy to wear and maintain, then go on online saree shopping right now.

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