Kashmir in Winter

Kashmir, the northernmost state of India, situated in between majestic Himalaya Mountains. It is the place for every season and enjoys enthralling climate all year around. Pristine beauty of valley, heart and hailing mountains, generously portray features of a precious diamond which changes it colour in every season and looks lavishing, beautiful and pleasant in about every moment. One should go Kashmir in winter to explore why it is known as ‘paradise on earth’.

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Sneak Peak of winter

In winter, it all get cover with snow, Grey shades starts to dominate over warm winds, temperature get closer to freezing point and people add more layer to increase the inner body temperature.

Have you ever heard that a person would take train, if he owns a jet? Certainly not, you would be wondering why I am asking this. I just wonder why we buy expensive foreign trips to be in lap of bulky snow mountains. We have our own Kashmir, which has heart melting scenic beauty of snow-capped mountain peaks. I urge to every aspirant of foreign tour, who love Snow Mountains, visit Kashmir, you will be entertained by picturesque views of these White Mountains.

It is definitely Paradise for lovers of snow. Surrounded by fruit laden orchards, green carpeted gorgeous meadows, you will experience the most magical snowfall. It is a sight which is endless in winter in Kashmir, as far you see you will find a river of snow on the horizon. Just enjoy the snow fight with your loved ones there.

Whether it is summer or winter, there could be no chance to miss divine beauty of dull lake. In warm days it is full of tourists, all enjoying ride of little ferries (shikara) or houseboats. Certainly, you could reminisce an older generation hero of our Bollywood film, I guess Raj Kapoor, reciting song on a shikara.
You can stay in Houseboats which is ‘must do’ here, you  will be beneath crystal clear sky wondering yourself to be one of the flora or fauna, as all day the chirping sound of bird, flowing water will fall on your ears.

Kashmiri foods with cold breeze flowing around your ear, is the combo you desire. As there are fewer tourists here in winter, you would get extra advantage in the price of your Kashmir Tour Packages. I know after reading this, your heart has started crumbling and you just can’t wait to be nurtured under the lap of such wonderful beauty.

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