JEE Coaching through the distance education mode

IITians like D. Subbarao, Sundar Pichai, Nandan Nilekani and Vinod Khosla have all earned a name for themselves and have shown everyone how studying from an IIT has improved their standing in the world These people have not only created a niche for themselves in the IT and software development sector but have also gotten into business, startups, bureaucracy and politics. Most IITians learn to apply their knowledge in all sectors of the economy, for example a lot of them have now started the concept of machine trading where algorithms predict the outcome of the stock market.

When IITs teach you so much and offer you a  top class salary once you graduate, why settle for anything else, is the question. This is why thousands of aspirants every year choose to chase the difficult yet achievable IIT dream.

Why is this dream difficult for so many in India?

Most of us who go out and chase our dreams don’t realise how lucky we are to have parents who sponsor these dreams and how lucky we are to live in metropolitan cities that have all the facilities available to assist us in achieving these dreams. Most IIT aspirants opt for a coaching centre close to their homes, however the ones living in remote village areas do not have this facility. People living in such areas have big dreams but no means, be it a strategic location or money, to facilitate these dreams. They have to study without any help or guidance because neither can they afford to live so far away from home and neither can they pay a private tutor.

To help solve this problem many coaching centres have started distance education facilities where online jee classes are conducted to help students everywhere and anywhere in India. They understand how difficult joint exams are and they want to help people with distance and monetary issues to make full use of these distance education coaching classes. According to a recent study, 50 percent and more IIT aspirants don’t attend any coaching classes and have started studying on their own through the assisted distance education process.

How to choose the right distance education programme for yourself?

  1. Make sure you compare what you want with what the IIT coaching centres have to offer on their distance education programme.
  2. Find out if they have a parcel system where they send you all the books and relevant study material that everyone in the actual classroom gets.
  3. Make sure they have a system where you can get your doubts cleared with the help of a professor who can be skyped or called, to attend to your issues. Most online coaching iit jee now have professors on call, most of the day.

Some coaching centres send their faculty to remote areas to interact with the students and boost their morale and help them feel that they are on par with the rest of the class. Although this isn’t a necessary part of your course or curriculum, finding a coaching centre that cares so much is definitely a good one.

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