Integrity Check in Exam Proctoring Services

How does a person sitting far in distance from an examinee test whether the examinee is not using malpractices to have his/her objectives accomplished or not?

An examiner or proctor checks the examinees pockets, ears, and to check whether or not any cheat sheets have been hidden somewhere in the clothes of the examinees, answers aren’t scribbled on the hands, palms, and arms of the candidates, or for that matter, if any earpiece isn’t hidden in the ear of the examinees.

Most exam proctoring services make the use of webcams and efficient camera technology to capture even the minute eye movements. There are different drawbacks to both the systems- physical proctoring and online test center proctoring. It might be difficult with a remote camera to detect every fault in the examinees’ room. But even test centers which are under the supervision of exam proctors with their physical presence- one proctor is responsible for a lot of students giving examination simultaneously at a single test center.

Moreover, not every test center is sanitized the way it should be regarding the attributes necessary to evade cheating, forgery, duping, and other malpractices. Not every physical proctor is honest. There have been numerous instances of proctors taking a lot of money to let a particular student cheat to pass the examinations. But, since, one individual examinee is under the supervision of one proctor, the chances of duping is reduced to a huge margin.

Another point worth mentioning here is the zero percent chances of a collusion with a proctor in online test proctoring. You never know which examiner would be keeping an eye on you. The chances of knowing them aren’t very high given that a proctor can be from any region, any nationality, and any location.

The reason many certification agencies don’t resort to online test proctoring services are many. Many certification agencies have issues related to security and integrity of the whole online testing process. They also have a doubt about the standardization of examination to the parameters set by them.

Microsoft has a special software installed just to ensure cheating doesn’t take place. If you start any of their certification course and are giving an examination to achieve those certifications, all other programs running on your computer would be shut down. Even if you try opening another application on your computer system, the test process would stop working. Not to mention, functions like cut, copy, and paste are disabled during the test. If the examinee’s eye moves from the test to a different location, the webcam is able to detect it.

The knowledge that you are being watched is a strong deterrent for candidates to not cheat. Not every organization or certification agency avail of the exam proctoring services. Microsoft, Apple, and CompTIA provide students with the option of online test proctoring. Talking of Cisco, it conducts all its examinations on physical test centers. With the advanced technology of today, proctoring has come of age and is secure.

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