Inbound Call Centre Service: Impacts on Businesses

The era of outsourcing is on its crest. If you are on a quest to not only attain profitability but to stand and deliver a credible image of your business in this cut-throat competition, outsourcing is ‘the’ way. There are typically two kinds of call center services named as inbound and outbound. While inbound services are meant to offer quick and precise resolutions to the customers’ queries, grievances, and complaints, outbound solutions help a business grow.

A lot of big organizations and SMBs rely on the inbound call centers for their customer support division. From a big retailer to an IT company, inbound service providers are able to cater to the diverse requirements of several businesses. The trend to delegate the inbound requirements to a call center started when business owners realized that handling customers’ queries and focusing on the core tasks is simply not viable and rational.

Companies that tried to internally manage the inbound calls faced a lot of issues like:

  • Dip in business’s performance
  • Frustrated in-house experts
  • Lousy customer service experience
  • Dissatisfied customers
  • Depreciating brand image

Hence, the only alternative was to trust a specialized service provider that offers professional handling of the customers’ calls. With time, reliable inbound call centre services have become quite popular among the small and medium sized companies too. Business owners are now just stress-free about the fact that their customers are handled by trained and diligent agents who know exactly how to comprehend patrons’ issue and provide prompt solutions.

Inbound Services are Customers’ delight

Why do customers call a business? A business sells some product or service to the customers for which the latter may require assistance. So, the businesses are offering assistance to the customers so as to provide the latter with quick resolutions.

Now imagine, when a customer, who has bought a product/service from you tries to reach your business because of some issue and an automated message tells him/her to wait or that agents will get back to you, how frustrating that could be. As per stats, 80% of the customers cut ties from a business because of a terrible service experience.

This is the reason that a majority of businesses now relies on the specialized service providers. Now, inbound call center services are not only benefiting businesses but are also amusing customers. Customers who previously had to communicate with incompetent agents after waiting on hold for a long time can avail swift resolutions from a proficient expert. The service experience from being ‘pathetic’ has jumped to ‘Extraordinary’ and customers can’t be more thrilled.

After all, technology and business models evolution has empowered the customers to select the business of their choice. Customers are the king today.

Inbound call centre service elevates sales

Another element that makes inbound services a must for businesses is elevated sales figure. Yes, efficient inbound solutions can really boost your company’s sales. The agents hired by the inbound call centers are trained stringently and hold a strong grip on all spheres of customer service. These professionals know that their job is not to just offer resolutions but also to build long-term relationships with the customers. Even in situations where customers are extremely agitated with some issue, the inbound agents keep calm and show empathy. This eventually brings the inbound call center agents in the good books of the customers.

Now, at this point, the inbound agents have created a credible and dependable image of your business in the market.                 This will make your customers come back to you when they require the same product/service again; in short, repetitive sales percentage increases phenomenally. Along with this, inbound services also ensure an enhanced customer retention rate.

Inbound call centre services let you focus on core tasks

We will start this section with an example. Suppose you own a shoe business and it is going on quite well. You have decided to hire a dedicated team that could manage customers’ queries. First, you would require time to recruit the agents and then, you would need time to train those experts in line with your company standards. Post this, you would require to keep a close watch on your inbound team to measure their performance. If you cater to the international audience too, you would require to hire another team. Amidst all this, where is the time you need for your core operation, i.e. developing shoes or innovating the designs etc.

This is where inbound call centers step in. These vendors will handle your customer support division so eloquently that you can keep all your attention to your core operations.

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