How Yoga and Meditation can Help Cope with Stress

Stress is that fiend we all have to deal with either at work space or elsewhere, either emotionally or functionally. What most people do not understand is that stress is inversely proportionate to a calm state of mind. The calmer you consistently become, lower will be your stress level. This approach is reflected most prominently in the great Eastern lifestyle of yoga and meditation.

When practiced sincerely on a regular basis, you will know how to synchronize breath with your body and harmonize your mind with it. Yoga, a discipline with a scope more expansive than other fitness routines of our time, is an endeavor towards unity and balance. It is the best path to take when the stress factor destabilizes our wellbeing.

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Let us see how:

Meditation at the Desk

Before the stress level builds up to a height immobilizing your functionality, take control. Meditate at your desk, any hour of the day in the following ways:

  • Shake Off– Stress has a way of growing and taking roots in your body, resulting into stiff backs and such other nagging discomforts. Don’t let it grow. At the moments of overwhelming anxiety, turn on the music of your choice and move your body to it. Thus, regain your balance and composure.
  • Focus Flame– Light a flame and turn out your computer screen. Stare into it and take deep breaths. Let your mind shift from the object causing anxiety to the flame. Become like the flame—unwavering and illuminating.
  • Mantra – Recite sonorous mantras to yourself at the challenging moments. Let the sound of it penetrate through the veil of fear and anxiety that is covering up your strengths. Repeat to yourself that you are the light and difficulties will be overcome. Believe as you chant.

Yoga Postures to Practice

Your body can become the gateway to your psyche. Come alive with simple yoga postures like—

  • Anjali Mudra: Bring your hands together at your heart in a gesture of worship. Your thumbs connected to the midrib signify a connection and balance to your very inner self and the world.
  • The Child’s Pose: The child’s posture signifies complete submission to a higher self. In this posture you can be very relaxing as this will unburden you from all the worldly responsibilities.
  • Corpse Pose: Take submission a notch further in this completely peaceful floored posture. Connected to the ground, giving up all your weight to it, you are bound to gain more mental clarity.

Apply Yoga Philosophy in Everyday Life

Devote your thoughts to yoga philosophy and how to follow it in everything you do. Be aware of the impermanence of the external world and refrain from growing attachment to it. While your detachment must not become indifference or an obstacle to love, strive to free yourself from bondages both emotional and material. A direct outcome of this approach will be a decline in stress.

About the Author-

Manmohan is a yoga enthusiast, free spirit, traveler and freelance writer from Rishikesh. He run 200 hour yoga teacher training school in India, Nepal, Thailand and various other countries, where yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and spirituality is taught under the expert guidance of traditional and authentic yoga instructors.

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