How Useful Are Ute Nudge bars?

Your typical bull-bar or nudge bar provides key protection for your precious Ute. Utility vehicles that drive on rural roads or certain highways do well to invest in this kind of equipment as you never know when a large animal is going to jump out of nowhere into the front of your Ute!

Know Your Ute Nudge Bar

Ute nudge bars are the good-looking rigid frames attached to the front of Utes and police cars mainly in Australia, Canada and the United States. They are typically made of steel or aluminum tubes, though poly carbonate and polyethylene bars have also been on the market in recent years.

Why Do People Choose To Fit One On Their Vehicle?

Many are happy to reinforce their Ute, anything to stop the front bumper from crumpling on collision is usually very desirable. Nudge bars are also particularly good at protecting the headlights, the radiator grille and the vehicle in general from the onslaught of brush and small trees when off road or on a particularly bristly road. There is the adding bonus of not totalling your Ute in case of striking an animal, so you can get home safely before assessing the relative damages.

This is especially true in the case of someone driving a Ute in Australia. The rate of collisions between vehicles and animals is higher than you might expect, with over 60% of these cases being collisions with kangaroos. Thus the alternative name—bull-bars. The outback can be particularly perilous. There fore nudge bars are essential.

Will It Make My Ute Illegal?

Most people like it when they are 100% certain their vehicle is up to the legal requirements set out by the government. Mainly because this stops them from receiving inconvenient fines and having their Ute towed or not pass its MOT.

To be sure to meet the Australian Design Rules, you have to make sure the nudge bar does not obstruct the visibility of your headlights and indicators, and check that it is compatible with your airbag system. The ADR does not accept a nudge bar that makes the Ute more dangerous for the driver or stops the vehicle from meeting the original construction criteria.

To Buy Or Not To Buy

There is some criticism of nudge bars being used unnecessarily by urban drivers, but if you are out in the wild it is generally viewed as a lifesaver. It is never the animal you see that hits you, and oftentimes it does not help that certain areas are not illuminated. As swerving is in no way a viable option as it would mean an instant crash, many feel comforted by the added safety and protection a Ute nudge bar affords.

Don’t find yourself stranded in the outback with your front bumper ripped off, your headlights broken and your radiator pierced. If you drive rurally, do the smart thing and invest in a nudge bar to stop the wildlife in its tracks. If you are looking for Ute nudge bars in Sydney, please visit

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