How to Do on Page optimization in 2016

If you are a seo guy then you must know very well about On page optimization. It is the most important part of a successful SEO campaign. On page optimization is basically optimizing a site pages according to keyword so google can come to know that what keywords your site is about. A site with poor onpage optimization cannot rank, no matters how quality backlinks you’re creating. Sometimes Google can even deindex a site with highly poor onpage practices. In this article I am going to explain right way to optimize your site.


Before starting onpage of a site its very important to know that in past few years google has changed many rules regarding to onpage of a site and now there are many on page practices which have become obsolete and many are in trend. Here I am going to discuss only those onpage practices which are currently in practice and up to date.

Tags Optimization:

Optimizing tags of a web page is a good place to start on page optimization. It involves updating your title tag, description tag, heading tag and keyword tag. While optimizing these tags you must focus that your keywords are appearing in all of these tags. Although it’s not necessary to add your keyword as it is however all words in your keywords must be present in all of these tags. In these days keyword tag have become less important so it’s fine if you don’t want to update your keywords tag.

Keyword Density:

Keyword density is used to represent that how many times a keyword is appearing in your web page text and what is its percentage in total words of web page text. In past google used to emphasis on maintaining 4 to 5 percent keyword density but now that much keyword density is considered as keyword stuffing. Now perfect keyword density is 0.5 to 1 percent only which means your keyword should be 1 or 2 times per two hundred words.

Loading Speed:

Loading speed has become an important factor of on page optimization because sites with higher loading speed rank better in search result. To speed up your site loading speed you can use different cache tools,gzip compression and memory optimized images on your site. To check loading speed of a site please check click here.

Mobile Optimization:

With the passage of time mobile optimization of a site has become very important. Now google ranks sites better which responsive theme that can change its layout if accessed from mobile device. So it’s very necessary to use a responsive template while developing a site or develop a mobile version also with desktop site.  

These are few factors which considered important while doing on page optimization of a site. A good on page optimized site can rank far better than a site with poor on page optimization.

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