How to Complete your dressy look the right way

To find perfect floral dresses online in india is a one hell of a task each one of us has dealt with at least once in our lives and if you are one of those who just can’t live without wearing a dress and eat, sleep and live in one at all times of the day then the struggle to find one is a big one and quite tiresome… We don’t blame you for there are so many silhouettes, so many cute, elegant and chic dresses, in so many colours and types that one can’t decide in the very first go no matter how pro you are and no matter how great you are at knowing yourself, you are bound to get confused at the end of it all! So, we are here to help you get through your shopping woes and make your shopping experience be it online or offline memorable and a much simpler and easier one.

Occasion: The first step in deciding what dress or look you want to go for, is to figure out what occasion you are looking at. if its a formal event, a friends party, an after work night out or just a casual day out in the sun, once you figure out the occasion, the task to narrow down on your look becomes easier in so many ways. For instance, for a formal event you might want to pick a dress that’s a midi or maxi to look modest and chic at the same time, a friends party definitely calls for something that is exciting enough and a little alluring, a casual day might call for a floral mini or midi dress that lets you breathe easily and for an after work party, a transitional outfit that can easily be worn from day to night is what one should be aiming at…

Silhouette: Finding a perfect silhouette for your body types comes next in cue when finalising what to wear for your decided occasion. Different body types look beautiful in different silhouettes and one should always pick that one silhouette that flatters your body and boosts your confidence. The most basic silhouette that works wonders for any body type is fit and flare, as it tends to accentuate your waist line and highlights your highpoints and hides your problem areas in the most subtle way. A midi dress also looks great for most body types as not many might be comfortable with wearing a mini dress or a maxi dress sue to its length issues. Anyhow, pick the one that flatters your body the most and gives you a boost in confidence.

Print and hues: Prints and hues play an important role in bringing colour to your face or making you look drab and dull, and no one wants to look dull when stepping out with their best foot forward. Depending upon the skin tone and what suits you the most on a certain occasion you can pick colours that work the best for all. Hues like maroons, olives, ochre, navy blues along with pastels shades that when paired with bolder shades look beautiful and create a perfect balance.

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