Extra attention that is to be given for a safe power connection

While setting up a safe electrical connection, you have to take into account some natural factors that might lead to an accident. Sometimes lightning in the sky might create surges in the voltage. This can happen if lightning strikes your house directly that is strike the overhead power line or the main power line. Surges in voltage can also take place if the lightning strikes the circuit wiring which is fitted in the walls or near a tree or the ground which have some connection with the power connection.

An electrically charged cloud passing over your house can also be a reason for this voltage hike all of a sudden.  Apart from natural reasons, there can be man-made reasons too for theses surges. The problem caused by these is that these high charges of current will try to equalize or neutralize themselves and as a result cause a short circuit in all your electronic appliances. The high amount of voltage is there which the appliance cannot bear, and ultimately it leads to a heavy destruction which one can hardly describe in words.

The device: The lightning arresters

The lightning arresters or surge arrester can provide you with protection against such uncalled surges. It is a protective device which conducts this high voltage surges occurring on the power systems and channelizes to the ground. The arrester is connected to the conductor running through the wires in the walls and goes into the earth. It is also known as surge arrester. The causes of over voltage can be internal or external. The internal reasons can be insulation failure or due to switching surge. The lightning arresters work well then the earthing screen, and the overground wires are that they fail to provide protection against traveling waves. It can be divided into type one, type two and type three surge protectors when it is broadly divided. You can go through the internet or ask your electrician which lightning arrester will suit your power connection.

From where to buy polymer insulators?

Polymer insulators manufacturer first manufactured in 1963 and over the years there are constant improvements in design which have made them better to use. The polymer insulator consists of a fiberglass core rod which is covered by weather sheds of skirts of the polymer. They are silicone rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, and ethylene propylene diene monomer. These are equipped with metal end fittings, and these insulators are also known as composite insulators. The polymeric insulators have become famous in recent times because they are better than ceramic and glass insulators. They give a better performance in worse environment, are lighter in weight, easy to handle, does not require any maintenance and are of considerably found at low cost. You need a specialist electrician to do these connections at your home or office, and you must also call the electrician for regular maintenance and to check if the main earthing connection is alright or not. Carelessness might lead to unwanted accidents which can be harmful to the property as well as human lives.

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