Everything You Need to Know About the Poe Exalted Orbs – Path of Exile

Path of Exile (PoE) is a free-to-play online RPG video game set in the dark fantasy world known as Wraeclast. It is designed in a way that players control their character from an overhead perspective controlling their online item economy, extreme character customizations, PvPs and ladder races. The game is entirely free of cost and is believed never to become ‘pay-to-win’ title. The players, using their characters, explore outdoor environments within the game like forests, caves, dungeons and survive by battling monsters and fulfilling quests give to them by the in-game characters. On starting the game for the first time, players get an option of choosing between six different classes from which they get to choose a character. The classes namely are – Duelist, Marauder, Shadow, Ranger, Templar, and Witch. These classes, according to their character’s ability, are provided with two-three different core attributes and traits which are – Strength, Dexterity, and Strength. These are, as you guessed, granted to the character classes in different proportions for a more balanced game type. However, upon gaining skill points, players are allowed to upgrade their specific character class’ ability tree.

Exalted Orbs – Acquiring and Using Them 

The game makes all its in-game purchases natively through in-game currency which players can earn by playing more and more of the game and defeating monsters and fulfilling conquests. The poe currency system revolves around a variety of gems, orbs, and scrolls. Each item serves a definite purpose when crafting a new weapon, upgrading your skill set or enhancement of previously achieved abilities. Gems, orbs, and scrolls can be grabbed from the drops which you get after you kill monsters, or can be gathered from chests that you find in your exhibitions. They can also be traded for each other from town shops or exchanged for other enhancements or weapons from traders themselves. These items play an incredibly important role in the game when a player wants to upgrade his passive skill tree or buy a particular weapon or upgrade his character in general. And they play a significant role while crafting different orbs, gems or weapons.

One such currency is the Exalted Orb. It is used to enhance a piece of a rare weapon or equipment. These are extremely rare and can be found in drops after killing big or boss monsters, destructible containers, destroying chests or finding one of the Arcanist’s Strongboxes. They are so rare to find that they are the most sought-after orbs in the game. Some may even say these are the best currency a player may find in-game.

But what makes these Exalted Orbs more intuitive is the fact that these can be found at any level. They move freely. A lvl one player might discover an Exalted Orb much before than, say a lvl 10. These orbs add value to already rare equipment or item. A single orb can be used to craft a unique weapon that can be worth way more than what you bought that for. You can either trade these for a Chaos Orb or get some decent gear simultaneously, or you could additionally purchase equipment that improves the orbs specials directly. The more you play, the more likely you are to find this rare and precious orb.

Keep It Safe

Professional players recommend that your keepsake an Exalted Orb if it’s your first time finding it as it can later be used for meta-crafting different items and equipment. You can create specific items to go along with a poe exalted orbs when you find one and practically improve your core traits and attributes. All this is bound to enhance your gaming experience.

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