Everything you need to know about Python Frameworks

Python is a dynamic language, which gives the ability to integrate with other tools and language quickly. It enables the developer to create an advanced application with different features. Python is a modern language from which every organization gets benefited. Python can simplify the implementation of coding irrespective of the package and the libraries.

Applications of python

  • Operating systems
  • Language development
  • Prototyping
  • Enterprise and business applications
  • Web frameworks & web applications


There are a variety of web application frameworks for Python available in the tech world. Some of the basic structures are listed below

  1. Cubic web

Cube web is a kind of semantic web application framework, which allows the data to be shared and reused across many applications. It is something different from the other non-full stacks such as Bottle, cherryPy, and Flask. Cubic web is the great combination of cubes from which one cube can be derived from another cube. Finally, two or more cubes can be arranged into a web server with specified configurations.  The cubic network looks like Décor except for the functionality.

  1. Turbo gears

Turbo gear is a popular full stack fragment on Python Web Frameworks. The functionality of Turbo Gear is much like Django and web2py. However, it uses other libraries and hence the database access is made through NoSQL, SQL Alchemy or Ming. So many Python web Development Company out there using Turbo gears as an advanced framework. This framework is the little bit difficult than another framework yet it can be mastered when you understand the learning curve.

  1. Bottle

The bottle is a WSGI micro framework that is simple, lightweight and distributed as a single file mode. Additionally, it depends upon Python Standard library. It supports Java script and JSON modules. It can be a plug-in for some popular database. It is designed using Simple Template Engine, which is a Built-in template. This can run as a standalone web application.

  1. Flask

Flask is one of the popular micro web frameworks of Python which running on Jinja2 template engine. The recent stable version is Flask 0.12, which was released in December 2016.

  1. Nagavera

Nagare is an open source web framework, which is used to develop stackless web applications in python. It uses seaside component model.

Advantage of applications

The advantage of Python is endless, and that is why it has been used in many mobile applications.

  • Presence of 3rd party Modules

The Package index of Python contains some third party modules, which enable the python to interact with different platform and languages.

  • Extensive Libraries

It provides the extensive library that can work in various areas, including web service tools, internet protocols, string operations and system interfaces. Some programming language has the inbuilt library.

  • Open source & Community Development

        Being an OSI approved language, it is easy to use and distribute the coding via all kind of applications.

Python is simple and easy language to learn. It helps the beginners to learn the coding easily. There are some specific guidelines to format the code. Further, many active developers are utilizing the framework to innovate new applications.

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