E-Education Vital for Smart Jobs, both Home and Abroad

Employment is directly related to education. The more educated and well-equipped a person, the better options are available for him in the job market.

With the advent of internet and global communication networks, eLearning is going to play a major role to help bring a qualitative change to our existing education system.

Along with the traditional textbooks, blogs, tweets, podcasts, webcasts, online chats, discussion boards, virtual study jams ensure that learning becomes multidimensional. Online courses can also help all those who are already in jobs to reskill and remain competitive without taking time off from their careers.

Digital education is fun learning for all cadres and particularly effective for children as the innovative audio-video feature boosts the cognitive elements in the brain. The INFO-TAINMENT combination involved in digital learning makes it more practical, applicable and relatable to our life and surroundings in an interesting manner.

Despite having more than half the population under 25 years of age, India is expected to face a shortage of 250 million skilled workers by 2022. As of now, most of them are looking for suitable job opportunities in both international and global markets.

As of 2015, India is already the second largest market for eLearning after the United States. The sector is expected to reach $1.29 billion ($40 billion by some under-optimistic estimates) by 2018, growing at 17% CAGR.  This is expected to be faster than the global growth by a factor of 2x. Yet, the e-learning industry is still in its infancy in this country.

In India, leaders from the field of education will have to do a  lot more experimentation in terms of delivering eLearning content to suit the decreasing attention spans and yet being able to provide clear stand-alone value.

Shorter, bite-sized courses will become more relevant as learning needs tend to get very specific and on-demand.

Modularizing courses also helps learners identify the right dish off the menu to suit their needs without compromising the ability to package it into a larger program.

There is enormous potential for Ed Leaders to innovate and explore more contextual eLearning methods including embedding digital learning in real-world scenarios.

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