Dr. Pratik Doshi- A Zestful Cardiovascular Sonographer and an Enthusiastic Musician

Dr. Pratik Doshi is a health care professional who is also a very talented musician. He is a professional Cardiovascular Sonographer puts up in Texas. He always had a passion in medical field which made him a successful professional in the field of cardiovascular Sonography.

He has completed his education in RPVI (Physician in Vascular Interpretation) from USA. One of the essential qualities of a doctor is interest in humanity which can be felt in him as he puts his best in curing the patients. He has always been a cheerful, ambitious and determined personality which makes him a successful and wonderful doctor.


Dr. Pratik Doshi lives on the principle of working hard no matter what, without thinking of the results. This is the reason of him being successful as well as hard working and remaining a topper throughout his academic career. He has done his schooling from St. Kabir School and St. Xavier’s High School, India. After completing his high school from St. Xavier’s School, he further went to P.S. Medical College, Karamsad in India to do his Medicinae Baccalaureus, Baccalaureus Chirurgiae (MBBS) program.

After his MBBS, he shifted to the USA for his RPVI (Physician in Vascular Interpretation) and Vascular Sonography. Cardiovascular Sonography means to form images of the heart and circulatory systems by using high frequency sound waves so as to diagnose cardiac problems and also proper flow and pattern of blood in patients. A cardiovascular Sonographer uses ultrasound for examining the chambers of the heart, valves, and the vessels and then takes further actions for the patients.


He always had a passion for music too! He knows how to play piano and guitar and he’s pretty good with it. Not just this, he also loves to listen to Indian Classical music and old Indian cinema songs as well. Pratik is a very talented musician in Texas. He had a passion for music since the beginning. So, he continued with music, even while he was making his professional career in medicines.  He is an all-rounder, not just music; he also has an interest in cricket and photography. Besides all of these activities, he is always dedicated towards his work as a doctor. Managing both the things profession and hobbies is not an easy task. All of this makes Dr. Pratik Doshi a person with complete package of talents.


A professional must be good at what he does plus a doctor has to be a good human who understands his patients well. Dr. Pratik Doshi is a successful health care professional who has all these qualities which makes him a great doctor. Nothing can beat a hard working person who is so much passionate about his skills and hobbies. He is also very enthusiastic about his passion for music, cricket and photography, which makes him an all-rounder. He totally loves his guitar and piano and is really good with it!

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