Do boarding schools weigh more than private schools?

Looking for the perfect boarding school for your child can be a tough job. One needs to find something that suits their child the best.

There are many affordable boarding schools around but all schools are not suitable for every kind of child. So, finding the right school is what matters the most.

One firstly needs to check the teaching faculty of the school. If the school has some best teachers then undoubtedly the students will learn the best from them. This is what the most important criteria to select a school becomes.

Try to find out the infrastructure of the school. If they have proper spacious buildings or not. The classrooms have to be airy and spacious enough so that the children can study their without feeling suffocated. These days most schools comes with air conditioned classrooms but those are not very healthy for a child. Also see if the toilets and the canteens are clean and hygienic enough. Your child is going to spend an entire session there and so the surroundings have to be very clean and proper. See, if the school has a proper library or not. In a study centre having a library is very important.

The major advantage of a boarding school is that in those schools learning never stops. The child is in an educational environment for the entire day even when they are not in the classroom. They get to learn a lot of important life skills which they cannot learn when they are at home. Each and every boarding school is very strict about their homework and how they should be submitted in proper time. So the child never gets distracted during the time of the study. The designated time slots do not give them the opportunity to do so.

Due to a lot of strict disciplines a boarding school student becomes habitual of waking up early and going back to sleep early on a daily basis. Also they get used to do their own work like making their beds, washing their clothes and others on their own. This makes them more self sufficient and independent.

When it comes to college preparation, the boarding school students are better prepared than the daily private school students. In fact, the college entrance examination results also show that if there are 100 students selected then 78 percent are from boarding schools and the rest are from daily private schools. Also boarding school students get equipped to college life easily as they are already prepared in a hostel life where they have already loved independently and know how to handle their time well. So they can easily divide their time in studies and other activities and remain quite successful in doing that.

There are also some best international boarding schools across the country. One can check the details about those schools on online sites and have a detailed idea about them. They can also go and visit the school to have a clear idea about it before sending their child there.

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