Detailed Information on Concrete Epoxy Coatings

What Are the Advantages of Using Concrete Epoxy Floors?

Epoxies are polymeric substances that begin their life as liquids and then are converted into solid polymers through a chemical reaction. A polymer which has an epoxy base has mechanical strength, is chemically resistant to degradation of the chemical elements present in the substance and it is highly adhesive during its conversion from a liquid to the solid state. An effective and safe epoxy flooring system can be made from epoxy chemicals. Epoxies are well known for their strong adhesion, chemical and heat resistant property, excellent mechanical properties and very good electrical insulation properties.

Therefore, These Floorings Give A Number of Advantages To A Floor.

The Following Lines Will Give Some Advantages of Epoxy Floors:

  • When used with concrete, epoxy floors protect concrete from wear, chemical corrosion and chemical deterioration
  • When used as a flooring, epoxy reduces wear to transport vehicles and also reduces the time taken for maintenance
  • Provides faster material movement through the operational areas and protects products from damage
  • Reduces floor maintenance and cleaning expenses
  • Decreases injuries as it gives a non-slip surface
  • Gives a cleaner work environment which reduces dust and dirt
  • Increases reflectivity of light
  • Brightens work areas which in turn saves expenses on utilities
  • Maximizes work efficiency

Why to choose epoxy floors

There are many reasons why one goes for concrete epoxy flooring. It is seamless in nature, hygienic in appearance and it has slip resistant properties. Some more reasons to use epoxy floors are given below:

  • Epoxy floors give the flooring impact resistance. They are invariably used in areas of the industry where goods are being handled in spaces like production lines, warehouses, loading bays, and in locations where compressive loads are generated by the movement of goods on trucks, etc.
  • It offers the floor slip resistance. Pedestrian traffic areas require varying degree of slip resistance depending upon the nature of the environment
  • It imparts fire resistance to the floors. Therefore, it is used in fire escape routes, explosive production houses and in storage areas and in underground car parks
  • It offers hygiene to the space where it is used. Pharmaceutical, Food and beverage, chemical and electronic industries and the automotive industry all require a hygienic work environment. Therefore, concrete epoxy floors are widely used in such conditions. These industries require floors that are dust free and easily cleanable. Epoxy floors provide them what they want.
  • Epoxy floorings provide customers with an impermeable seal to protect the floor from chemical attack


Concrete epoxy coatings are recommended as flooring materials for all the aforesaid utilities. Thus, more and more customers are seeking this material over others in the present scenario.

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