Decisions on cancer treatment

If you are able to foster a strong partnership with your doctor, then you will be confident when you go on to approach cancer treatment. The choice of the best cancer hospital in India is not a foregone conclusion and the key here would be to be involved.

The chances are that you have been diagnosed with cancer. The mind is already blocked with a lot of questions. At this point of time the doctor would want to discuss with you the general course of treatment and then formulate a plan. Now the real question is how on earth you go on to decide a cancer treatment plan. Here are some steps that would help you get the ball rolling.

Be clear with your ground rules

Before you go on to formulate a plan of treatment you need to have some ground rules. This is based on the fact that you would need to make a lot of important decisions during the course of treatment.

Understand what is that you are looking for

The first thought in the minds of people would be to understand what would be the course of treatment and what the chances of their survival are. In case that you do not want to know the details, let the doctor be aware of the same as well.

At the same time you need to inform your doctor if you are looking for someone to help you at this point of time.

Clearly figure out how you want the treatment decisions to go

The chances are that you would want to take the lead in terms of the treatment decisions. Or you could turn over all the decisions to your doctor as well. A middle approach could also be suggested where you and the doctor decide together what would be the best course of action. It does make a certain degree of sense on how you have gone on to handle difficult decisions in the past. It does make sense to have a close friend or relative beside you at this critical phase of your life.

The expectations have to be realistic

The doctor is going to spell out the expectations that you can expect from cancer treatment at this point of time. From the benefits you are going to expect from the disease you would need to consider the side effects at the same time. Do discuss the treatment preferences with your doctor at the same time.

The focus has to be always on the patient. Do not fall into the trap of going on to choose any type of treatment. The key would be to opt for one that you are most comfortable with. At this crucial juncture if some help pours in do not hesitate. This is a time when you are going to need support.

At no point of time you need to be pressurized on a particular treatment plan. Do go on to choose with what you are most comfortable at.

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