Data Science Industry in Malaysia is Coping Up

The developments in computation and deep learning has completely changed the face of technology in the last few years. Artificial intelligence is definitely the talk of the day. Words like machine learning and deep learning also have a fair share in the buzz. However the fuel that keeps these advanced technologies running is data. Therefore data science something you cannot leave out while talking about the state of the art technologies.

The demand for data scientists is perpetually high

Data scientist was declared the best job in America by Glassdoor in two consecutive years 2016 and 2017. This survey took into account parameters like job satisfaction, salary, importance in the market and opportunities to grow. The role of a data scientist is venerated all around the world and Malaysia is no exception. Data scientists in Malaysia are highly valued and desperately sought after to close the gap between demand and supply.

Malaysia has a long race ahead

Malaysia had 80 data scientists back in 2016 whereas the national target is to have at least 1500 data scientists by the end of 2020. While it does not look impossible the difficulty of this mission is undeniable. A data scientist is some one with a multidisciplinary skill set which includes advanced analytics skills, statistical prowess, knowledge in depth of computer science and adequate skills in languages like R, Python, etc. This sort of a skill set is hard acquire and harder yet to retain. While data science training institutes as well as the universities are working vigorously to create a data science talent pool, it is bound to take a significant amount of time and prolonged efforts.

The responsibility of the students

Data science skills come with brilliant opportunities which can totally change your life. You have to be well trained and skilled in your craft. It is time for the candidates to recognize the gold mine of opportunities in the field of data analytics, data science and advanced analytics. One can start with the job of a data analyst, data architect, data engineer and then learn their way up to become a data scientist.

Expansion of data science

The integration of big data analytics and data science in businesses has had a late start in the Asia Pacific regions. Now nation like Malaysia are striving to make up for lost time. Malaysia has a vision to become a analytics hub of Asia. A well trained workforce is essential for this vision to come true. It is a great idea become a data scientist in Malaysia; you better start training for it.  The application of data science to drive growth in business has expanded to a wide range of industries. From IT to healthcare, from logistics to education the influence of big data is immense.

The government and the private institutes have to work in tandem to build a suitable workforce to support the data ventures. It is time for the young folk to join the band wagon.

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