Conventional Seo vs Modern SEO

In past few years the industry of search engine optimization has changed a lot. Google started launching different quality updates to filter low quality results from search rankings and so the seo practices are also changed. Now the link building practices which were considered legitimate in past are now considered black hat. Here are few things which have been changed over past few years.

On Page Optimization: In 2010s on page optimization was quite different than it is now. In past focusing on keywords and using keyword in Meta keyword tag and in site content several time was considered good but now the situation is quite different. Now if you are using keyword multi time in site content then you are doing keyword stuffing which is totally black hat seo practice. Now google considers other on page factors too to rank a website. These factors include page loading speed, page layout, user interference etc. Usage of keywords in meta tags has also become less important ranking factor.

Link Building: After google updates the link building practices are the main thing which is totally changed. Now Google considers low profile links like forum profiles, directories, bookmarking sites  etc  as black or grey hat seo techniques and doing this type of link building can even ruin your website. These types of links are now replaced with partnership links, guest posting and affiliation with other relevant businesses.

Contents: In modern seo the contents have become more important. Google has evolved its algorithm to differentiate between good quality contents and bad quality contents. It can now also differentiate between spin and original contents so using spun contents in seo has also become unqualified. Keyword stuffing in content is also considered black hat seo practice in modern seo.

Social Media in SEO: In Modern seo social media marketing has also become important because now google also considers social media activities like post likes, page likes, shares and comments as social ranking signals to rank a site. So if you are doing seo of a website then promoting it on social media sites will also provide you extra weightage in seo.

These are few of the modern trends in seo which google now considers to rank a site. Apart from these there are also many other things which google take into account while analyzing ranking potential of a website. These factors may include site bounce rate, page views, secure server etc.

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