Common Types of Mannequins Available in the Market for Fashion Stores

Mannequins are one of the main display sets for a clothing store. Mannequins are basically statues used to display clothes. Store owner use stylish and unique looking mannequins in their stores to attract customer’s attention. SO these have become a great marketing tool for fashion stores and boutiques in these days. In mannequins market there are a wide range of mannequin types with different features. In this article you will read about few common mannequins available in market for sale.


                Abstract mannequins

Abstract mannequins are the simplest type of mannequins. These are also called egghead mannequins because the come with simple egg shape head with no face features. You can buy these in different styles and poses.

                Articulated Mannequins

Articulated mannequins are also known as poseable or adjustable mannequins. These are called so because of its bendable or poseable feature. You can bend these mannequins in different shapes to make different poses. This type of mannequins are best if you change your displayed clothing and fashion accessories more frequently. Usually poseable mannequin forms come in two different types which are full articulated and semi articulated. Full articulated mannequins have both arms and legs with bendable feature however semi articulated mannequins come with bendable arms only. These mannequins are comparatively expensive than other type of mannequins.

                Realistic Mannequins

As shown from its name, these are the mannequins with realistic look. These mannequins just look like a beautiful statue model wearing your clothing or other fashion accessories. These display forms are best when you want to display clothing in realistic way.

                Ghost Mannequins:

Ghost mannequins are also known as clear or invisible mannequins. These mannequins are made of transparent material and mostly used for photography purpose. While taking photos these mannequins become invisible in camera that’s why these are called ghost mannequins. The invisible look of these mannequins makes the product shoot of garments effective.

                Revolving & Glowing Mannequins

Revolving or glowing mannequins are basically two different types of mannequins which come with electric feature. The revolving mannequin comes with a revolving base with an electric motor. The electric motor revolves the mannequin slowly so that the customer can have a better look on garments being displayed. Glowing mannequins also come with electric options. These display sets have lights installed inside which make mannequins glow. The reason to make them glowing is to attract attention of your potential customers.   

These are few basic types of mannequins which are commonly available in market. You find a wide range of styles, poses and looks of mannequins in upper defined types.

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