Choosing a water purifier in India!

In a big country like India where the population is becoming an advantage, a lot of businesses are being carried out throughout the nation. With the availability of numerous brands and products, it may sometimes be very difficult to find a suitable water purifying brand. As the market has lots of brands and names, the buyer may get confused while purchasing an RO as every maker boasts of his quality and services which may not be that much true.

In metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai etc. you are just a phone call away from getting access to all the details and description of your desired brand. Say, for aquaguard, look up for the contact number of aquaguard water purifier customer care Bangalore or whichever city you are from, and can have a word with them.

Criteria for purchasing a water purifier:

Clean water is one of the curtail criteria to be kept in mind while choosing a water purifier. It is important to know the water source in order to get the correct purifier for your home.

Types of water source:

  • Municipal water: relying on the corporation or municipal water means that it will have a TDS of around 500 or less. It is in the interest of an individual to get the water checked with the usage of a TDS meter.
  • Bore water/ Groundwater: if using groundwater predominantly for drinking purpose is how you do it, then using a water purifier is extremely recommended.
  • Multiple sources: in some residential areas there is not a reliable water supply that can be used as drinking water. Residents of such areas have no other option but to be dependent on the ground and municipal water.

Types of water purifiers

Water purifiers come in a variety and various models and options that can be confirmed and asked on various toll-free, helpline or as an example search the internet for dr aquaguard customer care number Bangalore or other available brands of water purifiers and have a word with them regarding your requirements.

Some water purifier types are as under:

Reverse osmosis (RO): it is the process in which the membrane secludes contaminants or dissolved particles and water, hence, making the water fit for consumption.

Ultraviolet rays (UV): when we talk about water purifiers, UV is quite helpful in killing bacteria, virus, and harmful germs.

Ultrafiltration (UF): it helps in further removal of large splendid particles, virus, bacteria, etc.

Gravity water purifiers: the above-mentioned water purifiers generally require electricity to run. Besides such purifiers, there are gravity based purifiers that don’t use electricity to function. These types essentially use gravity in the process of water purifying.

However, apart from all this, there are various types of filters and other accessories that are being used in the water purifiers that depend upon the level of purity the water source requires:

  • Sediment pre-filter
  • Activated carbon filter
  • RO/UF membrane
  • UV filter
  • TDS controller
  • Post carbon filter
  • Storage tank
  • Other cartridges

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