Chiffon Sarees – The Ultimate Symbol of Desi-Sensuality

Are you new to the world of draping sarees? Or are you looking to add the hundredth saree to your ever-growing collection? Not sure, which saree to pick?  Investing into a chiffon sarees collection may be a good start.

Chiffon sarees have always been the ultimate symbol of desi-sensuality. Almost all Bollywood Rom -Coms have at least one scene where the young, pretty heroine is seen sporting a hot chiffon saree with the pallu floating in the wind or getting drenched in the pouring monsoon. Thanks to the overload of Bollywood filmy moments, chiffon sarees have now attained the legendary cult status of beauty, style and youth.

The main reason why young women, even today, prefer sarees is because of the feminine looks it gives. A chiffon saree gives extra brownie points on the hotness scale. This is why women guard their chiffon sarees collection zealously and keep adding to it religiously.

Chiffon sarees are available in synthetic materials like polyester and silk. They have a soft texture that is high in comfort. The natural sheen of the material gives it a highly polished look. The range and variety of chiffon sarees available in the market today are staggering. Intricate embroideries, elaborate borders, vibrant Colours, unique patterns the choices are endless. However, before you buy online chiffon sarees spend a few minutes taking a look at how these pretty beauties are an asset to your saree collection.

Easy to Drape

One major hurdle that first-time wearers of the six-yard ensemble is the difficulty of draping. Chiffon unlike other materials like silk and cotton is easy to wear. If this is your first time wearing a saree, then begin with chiffon. They drape gracefully on your body even if you don’t have any prior experience. They can easily be worn to lengthy parties without having a fear of the drape falling apart.

Suitable for All Occasions

One major drawback of sarees is that they’re usually occasion dependent. You can’t wear a Kanjivaram silk to the office daily. Nor can you wear a plain cotton saree to a mehndi or sangeet. Chiffon sarees are flexible and suit all occasions including formal corporate parties to a get-together with your friends. They are elegant, stylish, classy yet sophisticated. A formal cotton or brocade blouse can transform your chiffon saree into an office wear. A sleeveless choli is perfect for a night out with your girl gang.

Easy Maintenance

Does the thought of dry wash, starch and ironing put you off sarees? Well, no more. With chiffon sarees, you can forget the elaborate maintenance procedures. They can be easily washed at home. Sarees with no designer zardozi work and embroidery can be tossed into the washing machine. Those with intricate embroidery and stone work can be easily washed by hand.

Since the fabric has a natural sheen, it doesn’t lose it lustre with regular usage. You can depend on these wardrobe staples for years to come.

Skip the cocktail dresses and look ravishing in a chiffon saree. Check out the exquisite chiffon sarees collection at Aavaranaa and take your pick. Look ravishing, slim and young with a gorgeous chiffon saree.

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