Checking Halal Meat for Freshness

There is always a need for you to see if the Halal meat that will be used is still fresh. Meat may be the tastiest food that you will eat. It can melt in your mouth when cooked perfectly and its flavours will be savoured by all of your taste buds. Yet, meat can also be that one thing that will cause your health to be in danger when it is already spoiled. Aside from Halal certification, you need to know how to pick the right type of meat when you purchase from your butcher or from your local grocery.

When you check out Halal meet, it is rare that you are going to find a best before date. You have to ask the butcher or the seller when the meat arrived so you will have an idea about its freshness. When this happens though, you have to rely on what the butcher says but what if the butcher is wrong? It is best to ask if the meat that is being sold has arrived frozen or not. These little details will give you an idea about how fresh the meat actually is. If you would base the freshness of the meat on how it looks, here are some tips that can help you:

  1. The meat that you are going to pick should be bright red. This means that the meat is very fresh. There are some types of meat that may turn a bit purple because they have been exposed to oxygen but it is best to leave meat that is colored brown behind even if they carry Halal certification USA because this means that the meat is already a bit spoiled.
  2. You have the chance to hold the meat. You can press your finger on one side of the meat and see how it reacts. If the meat springs back to its original form, it means that the meat is fresh and will be nice to cook later on. If you have tried to press the meat and it takes a long time before it goes back, this means that the meat is starting to become less firm and is not as fresh as you would like it too.
  3. There are some people who do not want to do this because they find it a bit gross but you are recommended to smell the meat when you are purchasing it whether it holds the Halal certification in USA sign or not. The smell should be normal. If it smells foul or if there is a different type of smell that you cannot put your finger on, then this means that the meat is starting to get spoiled.

It is easy to purchase meat that is fresh especially after knowing the tips that are mentioned above but it can be harder to keep the meat fresh when you have already brought it home. When you purchase new meat products, place them at the back of the meat that you have purchased earlier to prevent the older meat from spoiling. Proper packaging of the meat will also make a huge difference with how fast it will spoil. Perhaps you can get to know more details about your meat when you check out Halal Advisory Group.

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