Bunk beds should be bought after proper research

Bunk beds do have a history. It is traced back to the 18th century when the sailors used to sleep on the bunk beds in the cabins of a ship when they were off to trades and sailing on the seas. These days, bunk beds have made their way to the bedrooms and hostel dormitories. A bunk bed can be of two or three tier and so it can be a sleeping place for more than one in a single bed structure and it also occupies less space.

One can also find bunk beds for sale on online shopping websites but before buying one, it is a good idea to keep some major things in mind.

  • When you are buying a bunk bed, it is definitely for a room and so one has to measure the floor area before buying the bed. One also has to measure the height of the room to check whether two tire beds or three tier beds are possible to keep there. Remember, the top of the bunk bed and the ceiling of the room should have at least 4 feet gap in between. Most of the standard bunk beds come in twin sizes and they have pull out mattresses at the bottom bunk. Sometimes, below the lower bunk there are pulling out drawers which are good for storing things.
  • If you are buying it for your children then standard twin sized beds are perfect for them. Twin beds are good for children but if they are in their growing years then one has to change the bed in every three years and they keep outgrowing them. If one needs to avoid that, then they can go for queen sized bunk beds where a child has more room to the bottom.
  • Once the size is decided, then comes the choice of materials. There are wooden bunk beds and metal bunk beds. One can get a lot of colours in them and one can mix and match it with the bedroom wall colours. Metal bunk beds are any day less expensive as compared to wooden bunk beds but if the wooden bunk bed has a good wood material they are more durable. But one has to choose beds made from good quality woods like oak, maple, cherry and pine.  It is said by the users that wooden bunks are a bit more comfortable than the metal ones.
  • Those beds which have drawers are good as it can save a lot of spaces in the room. Always go for bunk beds which have attached ladders to climb to the upper bunk. If the ladder is removable then there are high chances of the child to fall off while climbing or coming down. Attached ladders are more convenient as it cannot be moved from its position and they do not fluctuate.
  • You have to choose the right kind of mattresses so that the bed can be comfortable enough for your child.

Kid’s bunk beds are easily available on online stores.

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