Brilliant Monsoon Gateways Within the City of Mumbai

Playing in the water immediately takes us back to our childhood days and makes us revisit those gone days, which is one reason water themed parks have become so popular everywhere around the world. This article talks about the best place in Mumbai you can visit during the monsoon season.

Monsoon is approaching. If you live in India, brace yourself for floods upto knee height and roadblocks even in the top major cities. Monsoon is the two-wheelers worst nightmare and the most dreadful season of the year for them. They will either have to find another mode of transport for the whole season or come soaking wet to the office each day, which is not a very smart choice. But rain doesn’t mean all gloomy for everyone. There is a huge mass of the general population who love the rains and everything that it brings along with it. This lot awaits for the monsoon season whole year round and pray that the season never gets over.

 Mumbai sees heavy rainfalls each year and there are many places you can head to in order to have your share of splashing fun. If you are one of those people who just happened to book one of the cheap flights from Mumbai to Delhi for the return journey during the monsoon sales, you are in for a treat! Here are some crucial parts of the city you can head to for some splashing fun!

 Mrine driveMarine Drive

In the skip of a heartbeat, the first place anyone thinks about is the popular Marine Drive, so let us just mention it at the top of the list and strike that off. Marine drive is definitely the first choice anyone would go to during the monsoons as the crushing thunders roar from over the sea and the sands on your feet get wet as you jump around playing in the rain. As fun as Marine Drive is, do not, for a second doubt the things Mumbai is capable of.

 Mumbai Gateway-of-IndiaGateway of India

The majestic towering structure of the iconic Gateway of India stands tall in all its glory, untainted, but washed to glistening beauty. People are seen surrounding the historic monument standing under their umbrellas and sipping on some piping hot tea from the nearby tea stalls. It is a normal sightseeing people with umbrellas and taking a walk with a cup of chai in their hand.

 Powai Lake

To walk in the rain in the midst of natural beauty, a visit to Powai lake is all that you need. The artificial lake with a pristine surrounding of colourful flora and fauna along the banks makes this place a surreal experience. You can take boat rides and enjoy the rain hitting your face in the middle of the lake.

 Bandra Bandstand

From the vast expanse of the Arabian sea, to the towering palatial houses of the celebrities looking over, the Bandra Bandstand is one of the most beautiful and fun places to be in during the monsoon. The impeccable view of the sea can be taken up a notch by climbing up higher along the ruins of the fort and lo behold! The view of the whole sea will now lie in front of you.

 Juhu Beach

If a walk by the beach in the rain with some comfort food is what you need, then all you have to do is head on over to the popular Juhu Beach in Mumbai. The chaat corner in the beach offers you a variety of chaats to choose from. One of the most common roadside food here is roasted corn. Corn is roasted over burning coal and seasoned with salt and lime before being served.

Mumbai is a hot city which remains hot and humid throughout the year. The city does not experience a winter season which is why most part of the population of Mumbai rejoice when heaven pours them down some water.

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