Best Way To Boost Mobile Speed With One Tap

There’s no doubt in the fact that Android is a powerful operating system. But too many apps or the wrong combination of apps on your phone may end up eating system resources making it very difficult to operate.

Also, when you keep using the same phone for a very long time, Android gradually starts to wear out (especially the CPU and RAM). Upgrading your phone may seem like the only reasonable option in this scenario.

But, thankfully, a variety of speed booster apps are available on the Play Store that can accelerate your device performance and give better results.

Running a speed booster app can prevent lags and keep your device clean for even longer periods of time. We tried out hands on ITL Phone Cleaner that claims to boost the speed of your phone by up to 60 percent with one-tap. Furthermore, it claims to clean junk cache files and unwanted data from your phone increasing storage space.

Let’s find out if ITL Phone Cleaner is really effective though.

Boost phone speed with ITL Phone Cleaner

Hibernates unnecessary apps

ITL Phone Cleaner has a phone booster feature that frees up RAM from different apps on your phone. It finds out unwanted apps running on the background and hibernates them with a single tap.

Deletes unwanted apps

Most of us have the tendency to keep downloading applications whenever there’s an open window of opportunity. But when we realize that they are no good, we forget about them, and they end up cluttering our app drawer.

This can be fine when you have a lot of storage and need not worry about it. But, if you are already running out of space, it’s time you take it seriously. Unused apps hog a lot of RAM and it’s best that you get rid of them. ITL Phone Cleaner also lets you uninstall unwanted apps, free space and boost speed in return.

Clear cached data

Clearing cached data can actually speed up your device. This one has a junk cleaner option to find cached data, junk files, empty folders, leftover thumbnails, residual junks and other unwanted data and delete them with ease.

Clean device storage

Your phone must have a lot of videos, music and other files lying around. It occupies a lot of space and affects performance. Go through your phone and find out what you actually do not need and delete them. It will work wonders to your phone memory.

Our Verdict

ITL Phone Cleaner claims to really get your job done. If you are looking for a booster app that can do some serious cleaning and boosting at the same time, this one is worth your try. Apart from one-tap boost options, do not forget to explore its other features like battery saver, junk cleaner, CPU cooler, app manager, game booster, duplicate photos remover, social cleaner and virus scanner complete phone cleaner app.

All-in-all, you can get the maximum potential of your Android. What you need is a good booster app! You know where to find one, right?

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