Giving Quality Coolrooms to Your Next Function

Cool Room Hire Melbourne give unrivalled, efficient and dependable compact cool spaces for either short or long haul contract. These cool rooms give administrations flawless to donning occasions, eateries requiring brief refrigeration needs and any outside occasion requiring refrigeration.

Cool Room gives temperate and solid compact cool spaces for either short or long haul contract. Portable cool rooms are reasonable for any event or occasion and will keep your sustenance crisp, drinks frigid frosty and secured. Specialists can assemble your next versatile cool space to size and tailor it with amazing racking or racking to suit your necessities.

They can likewise manufacture cool room slips to suit your necessities with indistinguishable quality elements from compact cool rooms. The greater part of a set Coolroom Hire Melbourne are worked to a show room complete, they are not only a cold area mounted to a crate trailer.

Cold-room highlights incorporate

  • Cooling Equipment Housing

Lodging gear is fitted to all our cool rooms as both a wellbeing thing to guarantee the assurance of staff, clients and observers. It additionally holds the commotion down and offers insurance which makes the cooling gear more solid.

  • Inward Lighting

All cool rooms are fitted with an inward light to give you more noteworthy deceivability either amid the day or night.

  • Outer Power Outlet

Every cold area accompanies an outside 240 volt control point and a 10 amp augmentation lead. The room has an inherent security switch and has been “test and labelled”

  • Advanced Temperature Monitoring

Situated on the outside of the cold area, you will dependably have the capacity to see the inward temperature of the unit. Temperatures are set at Food Safety controls however relying upon your explanation behind contracting they are effortlessly changed in accordance with suit your necessities. The most reduced temperature setting is zero degrees.

  • Emergency Button

All required areas are fitted with an emergency button; Emergency exits are helpful when you get stuck up in any difficult situation and there is no other exit than emergency exit. Simply press the button and the door will unlock to allow you to leave. You could call it a real life saver.

  • Wheel Lock

To ensure the safety of cool room technicians provide you with a wheel clamp and strongly advice you use it at all times, and particularly when sitting at a site for some time.

  • Prompt Delivery

Due to their size and weight, they will deliver and pick up the assigned area for you to meet your schedule. A less amount of pickup and delivery charges might be applied depending on the location you select for you cold temperature area.


If you need a quality portable low temperature room for your next function or event then look no further than Best Cool Room Hire Melbourne. Experts offer you a complete range options that can be applied to a wide cross section of industries, whether it is schools, fetes, farmers markets, private functions, sporting events or major events

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